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New Xperformance: optimising the cruiser/racer range from X-Yachts

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X-Yachts - The new XPerformance Edition
X-Yachts - The new XPerformance Edition

Since the company  was founded back in 1979, X-Yachts have built a wide range of "Cruiser/Racers" as well as dedicated  racing yachts which have won many famous lnternational titles, and of course One Design Class yachts such as X-79 and X-99.


In 2008 X-Yachts launched the Xcruising series, which was our answer to meet the demands  from a large loyal  client base.  The Xcruising range was introduced and maintained ali the details, which makes them sail so well, lead keel, sandwich  hulls, rod rigging, and high quality buiId, but now came with more interior volume. That move was extremely success and stili is.

When it came  to the next generation  of our Cruiser Racers, we decided to go even further to ensure, that this range would have a leading edge to offer the best possible sailing qualities.

lntroduction of vacuum infusion of epoxy was our answer. An expensive but superior build  technology  which  creates  the  lightest  possible  structure,  givtng us abiltty to design yachts, which are lighter, and primarily have a larger proportion  of their total displacement deep down in the lead bulb.

This excellent  weight  distribution  gives  added  stability, improves  sailing pleasure, performance and safety.

Xp 44 and Xp 38 were launched in 2011, shortly followed by Xp 50, Xp 55 and Xp 33.

No other series production yard supplying boats in this size range, offer epoxy infused hulls with carbon  hull structure built into an epoxy infused hull-liner.

The new Xperformance

X-Yachts have taken a serious look into areas to improve the Xperformance range, to make one of the best cruiser/racer  ranges even better.

The new Xperformance  range  will be optimised  for performance,  visually refreshed externally, and the Xp 55 & Xp 50 will have a new interior inspired by our new X-range boats, the X65 and X43.

Optimised  Performance

Keel and rudder  profiles will be refined and for the larger models  the lead bulbs will increase  in weight to increase  the boat's stiffness.

Visual Refresh

To  sharpen   the  visual  appeal  of  the  Xperformance   range,  each  model   will be refreshed:

•    New waterline stripes- adding  a more 'racey' look to the boat

•    Larger hull portlights- increasing the naturallight in the forward and aft cabins

•    Extended  coachroof windows  - gives the yacht a more  elegant  profile  and adds more light to the interior
•    New  standard  helm  pedestals  in 'black  grey'  with new optional  instrument boxes
•    New pushpit, pulpit and stanchion gateway design

•    New 'light grey' side deck  colour  as standard  - perfect, modern design  for owners prefer not to have teak side decks  because of hot climates or saving weight for racing purposes.

New  lnteriors

The two largest boats in the range will benefit from a new interior style taking a wealth of knowledge l earned  whilst designing and  building  our  new X-Range.  The clean design is both aesthetically pleasing and modern, whil st remaining  very practical  with excell ent storage, large fiddles and sensibl e well-placed  hand holds.

Fixtures and fittings have been updated throughout  the interior including:

•    New light switches - Ali Models

•    New electrical switch panel including  touch screen battery and tank monitor­ Ali Models
•    Optional wine cooler - Xp 55

•    New locker catches  - Xp 50 & Xp 55

•    New locker stays - Ali Models

•    New fridge/freezer with top and front access  - Xp 55

•    lmproved ambient  lighting- Ali Models

•    Custom  stainless steel threshold plates- Ali Models

•    New modern companionway stairs - Xp 55

•    Height adjustable saloon table- Xp 55

•    New cabin door handles- Xp 50 & Xp 55

•    lmproved mains socket  layout with integrated  USB chargers  in cabins  - Ali


•    Optional stove cover in galley increasing  worktop area- Xp 55

•    New owners berth including  innovative double  storage- Xp 50 & Xp 55

•    New wardrobe design - Xp 50 & Xp 55

•    lmproved mirror cabinet design and new furniture with Corian counter  top in owner's head - Xp 50 & Xp 55

Ali Models will be offered  in a new light oak interior with walnut floorboards  and an optional brushed oak' finish.

The new Xperformance

The new Xperformance range  will be launching Summer  2017 and will be displayed at boat shows from Autumn 2017.

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