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Admiral C Force 50 M/Y Ouranos

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Admiral C Force 50 M/Y Ouranos
Admiral C Force 50 M/Y Ouranos

Built for a repeat Client, Ouranos represents another major achievement for ADMIRAL: she is considered one of the most silent yachts, in terms of noise and vibration levels, within the ones featuring traditional engines and below 500 GT.


Indeed, she has got the score of 96 /100 within the Rina Comfort Class Classification.

Ouranos has a full displacement steel hull and an aluminium superstructure with a gross tonnage of 499 GT.

She features exterior design by Jure Bukavec from Uniellé Yacht Design who says “The C Force 50 ‘Ouranos’ follows the Admiral C Force fleet exterior styling concept. Modern and aggressive lines are emphasized by the M/Y ‘Ouranos’ black and white simplicity. I believe we have succeeded in effectively solving the challenge of designing a 50 meter yacht with under 500 gross tonnage with a clean styling solution which shows that a design limitation can sometimes lead to a better and more innovative result.

One of the most notable features of the C Force fleet is the double high central window. There are several design variations of it including one with a balcony.

The main idea is to bring more light where is the most needed, into the main and upper deck salon. In this way, we create a penthouse style interior ambiance. Seen from the exterior, the window is a straight vertical cut which doesn't interrupt the exterior lines”.

The luxury interiors were designed by Arch. Gian Marco Campanino, together with the Admiral Centro Stile. They set a new concept of luxury, extremely refined but never too lavish.

The result is a pleasing combination of natural leathers and refined joinery throughout the whole yacht.

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