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Tecnorib in Dusseldorf with the Jet Tender line & a new distributor

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Best Boats NL headquarter
Best Boats NL headquarter

The Dϋsseldorf Boot will be the chance for Tecnorib, official licensee of the trademarks Pirelli and P. for Speedboats, to exhibit the complete Jet Tender line for the first time ever and to introduce the world to the new Best Boats NL distributor for Benelux. Starting from the smallest model, the Pirelli J29, which measures only 2.9 meters in length, and going up to the Pirelli J45, available in a Diesel version, Tecnorib will show off its new line of fast, agile Jet Tenders. A Pirelli 880, whose 100th sale was recently celebrated, and T65 model will also be on display.


Pirelli by Tecnorib will be amongst the protagonists of the first show of 2019, which is also one of Europe’s main boat shows: the Dϋsseldorf Boot will be the setting for the presentation of the new partnership with an important international dealer, Best Boats NL.

Arie Drenth, the manager of the company, which has six offices in the Benelux area, has commented: “We are very proud to represent such a prestigious brand in this region that has always been attracted to the Made in Italy allure”. Pirelli Speedboats and Tenders, the only Italian products to be distributed by Best Boats NL, will be sold mainly in Holland (where there are four Best Boats NL offices) Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany.

“This partnership and our participation in the Boot are a great way for our company to start the year off”, added Gianni De Bonis, Tecnorib’s managing director, who went on to say: “The Dϋsseldorf show is the ideal setting for the first exhibition of our whole Jet Tender line, with models ranging from 2.9 to 4.5 meters in length”.

Hall 9 will be hosting the Pirelli J29, next to the J33, the J39, the J45 and the T65, while a J29 and a J45, both in Azimut Special edition will be displayed at the Azimut Yacht stand. The Pirelli Azimut Special Edition, produced exclusively by Tecnorib for Azimut Yachts, takes the distinctive and iconic traits of the Azimut style and combines them with those that have always distinguished Pirelli brand speedboats and tenders.

Although the company from Rescaldina has been focusing on the tender sector, so much so that it has become one of its major players, the success of its more traditional models also continues, such as the PIRELLI 880, whose 100th sale was recently celebrated. 8.70 meters long and over 3 meters wide, it can be used as a maxi tender, but also as a day-cruiser for day-long sailing that perfectly combines relaxation and adrenaline. One of the two available versions, a Sport model with an outboard motor, will be presented at the external stand close to Hall 9.

With this partnership and thanks to an increasingly and diverse selection of products, Tecnorib’s 2019 target will be to confirm its leading role in the Made in Italy market and to definitely conquer the - still partially - unexplored tender sector, after the success achieved in various Mediterranean Countries and in the US where the tenders will be on display next February at Miami Yacht Show 2019.

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