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Tankoa Yachts and Exclusiva Design join forces to create Progetto Bolide

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TANKOA, known as the first Boutique Shipyard with a multi-cultural approach of yacht construction, offers the only true alternative to North European Shipyards for clients willing to achieve top quality with Italian know-how, capabilities and flexibility.


EXCLUSIVA is one of Italy’s leading design firm. With over 36 projects delivered in the last five years, plethora of Awards received for the magnitude and excellence of their projects and over 40 in-house designers, Exclusiva whose projects are designed for companies such as Gazprom, Ferrari China, captains of industries or heads of states is entering the superyacht market in partnership with Tankoa Yachts..

xclusiva is considered “the” temple of Italian design and surely the most experienced and successful company in the design and execution fields in Italy.
From the headquarters of Gazprom, to private island residences in Doha, Qatar, apartment and residences all over the middle-east, Far-East, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Siberia, Sardinia, Paris, Cote d’Azur, London or the Alps, General Aviation terminals, office buildings…Exclusiva’s experience is limitless.

Headquartered in the heart of via Giulia in Rome, Exclusiva has offices in Moscow, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai. With over 100 collaborators, the company has no equivalent in Europe with a 360-degree service from concept to realization and delivery of turnkey projects.

Exclusiva Design enjoys the strongest reputation for mastering the latest techniques and materials and occupies hundreds of artisans who mostly work on Exclusiva’s projects, delivering uniqueness and exclusivity.

Often involved in the most complicated and challenging projects, but also the most confidentials, Exclusiva had in mind to enter the ultra-luxury super-yacht market. Representing the best Italy can offer, Fabio Mazzeo and Vito Taddei, founders of the company, conducted long due diligences and investigations on which shipyard could best materialize their project and build it to unparalleled quality. As a result of their investigations, they ended up choosing Tankoa Yachts to be the builder of PROGETTO BOLIDE, a 72-meter radical luxury superyacht design which exteriors and interiors are the direct result of Exclusiva’s limitless and unique experience.

According to Design Director Fabio Mazzeo, only the "boutique shipyard" concept Tankoa elevated to the level of culture, could answer Exclusiva’s expectation.  Mazzeo recently commented: “We’ve been visiting many shipyards in the past year as we spent several months creating our ideal yacht design and our wish was to keep cultivating the Italian heritage also in the building. The approach, flexibility and processes we found at Tankoa are simply unique. Tankoa having no will to run after big production numbers, the guys there are just delivering superior quality as a direct result of their passion. With this in mind, we felt Tankoa was the perfect fit for our Progetto Bolide. Not only did we recognize Tankoa the ideal partner for what we have in mind to achieve, our technical consultant remitted us analysis of the performances of the Tankoa’s 72-meter technical platform that have no equivalent in the sector. And this has also been a major factor in our decision to go with Tankoa”.

A few of the Exclusiva recently awarded recognitions:
“Golden Brick” 2014 - “ENERGY” Business Center for Gazprom Neft (St. Petersburg);
SBID International Design Award 2014 - for the interior design of a Chalet in St. Moritz;
International Design and Architecture Awards 2015 - “Private Villa in Sardinia” won the “Architecture Award”.
Creston Integration Awards 2015 - the interior design of the chalet realized in St. Moritz was awarded as “Best Integrated Home”;
Capital Elite China Award 2015 - awarded as company which has most distinguished itself in the field of the relations between Italy and China in 2015.
European Property Awards 2016 - “ENERGY” Business Center for Gazprom Neft in St. Petersburg was awarded as HIGHLY COMMENDED.
Green Zoom 2016 – Gazprom Neft Business Center has gained the remarkable certification issued by the 2016 edition of the Green Awards, announced during the ProEstate Moscow 2016 International Real Estate Investment Forum.

Tankoa Yachts and Exclusiva will present the full project and model of PROGETTO BOLIDE at the Tankoa Press Conference on September the 29th, 2017 – 11:30am at the Yacht Club de Monaco during the Show.

On the Tankoa Yachts side, Euro Contenti, the CEO of the company declared “I’ve been building yachts for over 40 years and during my tenure at Baglietto, I launched some extraordinary yachts such as Blue Ice which lines are turning heads still today. When we first met with the Exclusiva people, we were all wondering about what sort of project they were willing to submit us with as we all know designing a building or even the highest luxury mansion has nothing to do with a boat. Surprisingly, they did not submit us with a design but with a long list of what they considered the modern yacht of tomorrow should come with, and could not be found on the market today. From there, and only after multiple meetings with our technical office, they came up with a design. And they stuck to their promises of drawing a yacht that resembles no other, offers a stunning layout and followed all our technical requirements. No question, we are excited about having been chosen by such respected firm to build their design!”

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