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Tankoa reveals S701 work in progress details

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Tankoa Yachts, 72 meter Tankoa S701
Tankoa Yachts, 72 meter Tankoa S701

The Tankoa S701 contract has been signed early December 2016, but it was agreed by the board of directors to move ahead with various steps of the construction right after the LOI had been signed, mid-September, considering the boat is scheduled to be unveiled during the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show.


S701 might look reminiscent to 69m Suerte (Tankoa S693) at first sight but she is a different animal. She is another Paszkowski design that will set the bar high for any modern-classic and timeless design. 

In early June 2017 construction is proceeding rapidly with the launch of the Tankoa S701 foreseen for summer 2018.
1. Superstructure fairing is underway as is the smoothing of the hull
2. Stainless steel anchor recesses have been installed, build of the stainless steel stem is underway
3. Thermal and acoustic insulation of the lower and main decks is almost completed
4. Supporting structure for the floating floor on the lower and main decks is 70% completed
5. Air system channel and duct mounting continues
6. Laying of the electric cables has begun
7. Overhead cranes in tender garage have been positioned
8. Garage and beach club hatches are being mounted for verification proceedures
9. Aft main deck swimming pool and jacuzzi forward of owner’s cabin are in construction
Her Gross Tonnage is at 1,600+ GRT due to her full beam top deck and her 1,70 meter longer hull in respect to Suerte.
The main deck, while similar to Suerte in volume, has been designed differently allowing for a much larger winter garden, thanks to the beach club access stairwell deported to the side. The dining room will allow to enjoy full sea view as a result of the cut down bulwark now realized with glass panels.
The fore part of this deck, like on Suerte, is devoted to the 4 guest cabins and the VIP suite. The most noticeable change comes from the larger aft deck with its six-meter transversal pool, two sun pads and twin L shaped sofas. At night, this entire space will be turned into an outdoor cinema with giant screen which the guests will be able to watch from the sofas or from inside the pool.
The foredeck will be equipped with a garage for the quick release of the rescue tender and a garage for the PWC.
The under lower deck, room is devoted to laundry, pump room storages and technical space.
The central tender bay will house two 7,50-meter luxury tenders.
The beach club, thanks to its 72-meter hull, offers a truly comfortable layout with sofa, bar, TV, oversized gym with a foldout terrace opening to the water, bathroom, a sauna, also equipped with its own foldout terrace and a hammam.
The 3rd deck, houses from fore to aft the wheelhouse with an independent radio room, comfortable captain’s cabin, hair dressing/massage room that can be converted in an additional cabin for a bodyguard or an officer.
This deck’s main volume is devoted to the enormous observation lounge with its floor to ceiling side windows, 90” 4K flat LED TV screen, baby grand piano, bar and fireplace.
Outside are two lounge sofas, sun pads and outdoor dining table for 14 guests.

The sky lounge deck onboard Tankoa S701 is a fully private owner’s deck. From the touch and go helideck aft where he’ll be able to arrive in style (with a 4.5-tons certification enough for an Augusta 109 for instance or most twin turbine helicopter), the owner will benefit from his own Jacuzzi, bar, saloon, outdoor breakfast corner and day head with shower.
Inside, he will enjoy his independent TV room also convertible in an additional room thanks to an additional bathroom. Passed the lobby, right out of the elevator, the bedroom is equipped with a central bed surrounded by floor to ceiling windows allowing for stunning views. Two side doors are opening the way to side sun pads shaded by the superstructure and to the Jacuzzi with its sky shower and surrounded by additional cushions. Form inside, the view out will be made even more spectacular that one of the window is a structural glass part of the Jacuzzi.
The gigantic master bath is reached passed the walk in wardrobe and see its tub installed flush to the oversized windows.
And if this was not enough outdoor space, there is also a sundeck equipped with shower, sun pad and lounge sofas.
According to Michel Karsenti, Sales Director, this construction is a three-way deal for this client as S701 is programmed to be an interim yacht for this knowledgeable owner.
Since the contract has been signed, the client informed Tankoa that, his intent is to start building Tankoa’s project S801, as soon as all the technical studies are completed and the shipyard is ready to initiate construction.
And Karsenti to add “This is truly a one-of-a-kind deal. The client is familiar with Paszkowsky, knows us and knows Albert McIlroy, the build engineer/owner’s rep who was in charge of following the build of S693 Suerte as well as S501 Vertige. Albert having been involved in lots of North European new builds his views on Tankoa’s capacities and commitment to build the best the Italian yachting industry can offer was a true endorsement for the buyer. The Suerte “case study” that was not only an extremely successful charter yachts having achieved a 16-weeks charter during the 2016 summer and sold right after, surely helped closing this deal.”

Client's requests were mainly to integrate in the GA a circulation plan allowing the crew to work in perfect independence, thus offering owner and guests the maximum privacy and a décor that must be modern, elegant and warm. Both, the GA and décor will be the result of a common effort by Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini.
The construction is carefully followed by build engineer Albert McIlroy, Owner’s representative, who has been building number of yachts in North Europe in the past.
Questioned about the works onboard S701, McIlroy declared: “...I can now really feel the shipyard is truly backed up by the limitless experience of Tankoa’s managers and technical office and the guys are raising the bar of quality and engineering yacht after yacht. Edoardo Ratto, the GM, is also deeply involved in bringing the latest technologies onboard and is really giving me a hand with this. Even more than on the two previous Tankoa’s constructions, I can feel that everything is organized and timed to stick to contractual delivery schedules. Time schedule management and operation processes are paramount for the team here and there is no room for improvisation despite the great deal of flexibility they can show when needed. As I tell my colleagues, being at Tankoa is like being in North Europe but still having the world’s best food! And rather more important, I am still amazed every day by the organization and level of attention to details the Tankoa guys are always searching at any step of the construction process”

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