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Boot Dusseldorf 2017: Sudcantieri new moorings for the giants of the sea

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Sudcantieri o “Marina di Maglietta”, Paola e Fabrizio Maglietta’s tourist berthing is growing in size: new areas for Superyachts from 25 to 65 metres in length.


The Magliettas have long been experts of high-level nautical tourism, taking advantage of the strategic position of their shipyard, that overlooks the beautiful islands of Ischia and Procida, and is just few miles from Capri, the enchanting “Isola Azzurra”.

Today Sudcantieri is able to accommodate as much as 250 vessels up to 65 meters long and together with the modern boatyard facility located at its back, the harbor, born in 1970, has become a well-known and internationally competitive organization.

Privacy and quietness are the two key features of the site, which provides accurate service and care for details: a wireless connection for surfing the internet, specialized mooring assistance, an advanced delivery system of water and light and a new PUMP for REFUELING, capable of delivering 400 lt. per minute! “Guest House” with toilets, hot water showers and changing rooms; a gym, billiard room, video room and internet point.

A 24 hour surveillance system and a hospitality desk service are provided to fulfill any customer request. Two travel lift from 40 to 80 tons with the wide sheds and the contiguous squares (a total area of 30.000 square meters) allow the storage of boats of large-scale both inside and outside. Naples International Airport is only 15 minutes from the marina and Sudcantieri is wellconnected to the city by local railways.

And this year is a unique occasion! Sudcantieri opens the season with “7 + 1”: the 7 day booking to have the 8th day free; the days are cumulative and each boat can make up its own discount package.

Booking can be made in record time on line on our new internet website with just a click to book the week and the 8th day is FREE! Catch the offer!

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