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Redefining seafaring: SolarImpact Yacht at boot fair 2019

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SolarImpact yacht is being touted as the absolute highlight of this year’s boot in Düsseldorf where you can explore the yacht through virtual 3D model
SolarImpact yacht

Solar energy and swath construction lift innovative shipbuilding to new level


The SolarImpact yacht is being touted as the absolute highlight of this year’s boot in Düsseldorf. In cooperation with its German subsidiary Schaaf Yachtbau, Switzerland’s SolarImpact Yacht AG impressively demonstrates how a great vision becomes a reality. The strong team of experts around initiator Werner Vögeli has laid the foundation for the new super yacht with solid research. The ship is being built under the lead management of Dresden-based Schaaf Yachtbau. The construction of the first ship is scheduled for the end of 2019. Demand for the luxurious smart ships powered by solar energy is already strong. Sustainable concepts like this are seen in the industry as the dawning of a new era of the maritime world. Climate change is more topical than ever and the super-yacht community appreciates eco-friendly propulsion technologies that enable the protection of our seas and an accordingly sustainable lifestyle.

Germany premiere: virtual tour at boot 2019

On the 50th anniversary of boot in Düsseldorf, you can explore the SolarImpact yacht in advance through a virtual 3D model. The SolarImpact crew looks forward to welcoming you to our stand D27 in Hall 7a from January 19 to 27, 2019.

Its modern aesthetics in a futuristic design leaves no luxury wishes unfulfilled. On an area of 340 square metres (3,660 square feet), the 78-foot yacht offers functionally designed living spaces and a wide range of design options for the interior design. The SolarImpact yacht is energetically self-sufficient, and a Range Extender additionally guarantees the comprehensive operational safety of the yacht even in unfavourable weather conditions, such as prolonged cloud cover.

Swath design sets new standards

The SolarImpact yacht features an optimized SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) construction. This special hull shape was developed 80 years ago, but has to date only been used in combination with conventional types of propulsion, and only for a few special-purpose ships. The team of experts integrated this technology into the SolarImpact yacht: here, two torpedo-shaped floats under the water surface carry the ship, resulting in a physical decoupling from the waves that reduces the rolling and heeling of the yacht by up to 90 percent. This is how the luxury yacht can glide calmly and quietly over the water. “We hope that other shipyards will also apply our principle. The results of our intensive research confirm the efficiency of our system,” says Jörg Schaaf. “Everything about the SolarImpact yacht is new, smart and modern! The SWATH technology sets completely new standards for driving stability in rough seas. We have embraced e-mobility and make self-sufficient driving possible thanks to solar energy. A screening of current potential buyers shows that the group of buyers interested in these aspects is very diverse.”

360° Yachtview and effortless navigation

The SolarImpact yacht’s navigation provides a seamless, real-time bird’s-eye view thanks to the integrated 360° Yachtview system. This gives you full manoeuvring control at all times, even in difficult conditions. The yacht features a high degree of automation of all the key systems and can therefore be operated by one person. Nor do the ports have to cater to any special requirements. A Quick Charger even allows the SolarImpact yacht to be used as an e-filling station. Due to the 300 square meters of redundantly designed solar array, the ship is continuously charged and can also charge other SolarImpact yachts or even third-party recipients if required.

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