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Sirena Marine to Cannes Festival Yachting 2016

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Sirena Marine
Sirena Marine

A record number of new launches, two new models on the way and a top secret project: Sirena Marine celebrates ten years of activity and looks forward to the future with great optimism and new, ambitious objectives. Ongoing collaboration with the world's most famous designers confirms the reliability of the Turkish shipyard, now a protagonist in the international nautical sector.


DESIGN PHILOSOPHY - The economic crisis in the yachting market will be won with a few selected but efficient weapons: no-compromise quality, superb design, passion, and strategic vision. This is Sirena Marine, the Turkish shipyard that during the last decade - the toughest decade in the history of shipbuilding – has launched 350 vessels, both sail and power, created two internationally successful new brands, and won over a sizable market segment. Proud of their success, as confirmed by public and media acclaims, Sirena Marine has been founded by the Kıraç family in 2006 as a supplier of vessels for a couple of the world's most important shipyards. As actual Azuree and Euphoria brands builder, the yard is now happy to announce important new strategies for the future that will consolidate their new brand approach and will increase their international presence.
Sirena Marine is presently active in Europe, the USA, Hong Kong, Australia and China.

2010 - 2013: THE BIRTH OF AZUREE AND EUPHORIA – The Board of Directors of the company (also active in the automotive and railway sectors) decided in 2010 that Sirena Marine had reached the necessary level of competence and strength to launch its own brand: The ability to work impeccably with vacuum infusion GRP, the use of machinery, technology and state-of-the-art tools, the know-how accumulated in years of boat building and the undisputed expertise of the Turkish craftsmen combined with the designer's genius, all translate into 100% in-house built boats.
Decision was taken in favor of sail and left no room for misunderstanding: the yacht to be designed must be a cut above the competition - beautiful, comfortable, seaworthy, fast and enjoyable. To succeed there was only one way to follow: unite the excellent workmanship and experience of Turkish shipwrights with the best designers on the international yacht market. No sooner said than done: the Azuree 40', designed by Giovanni Ceccarelli, was a resounding success, with almost 40 boats already sold. This all-new brand was catapulted into the limelight as the first design with the latest racing yacht characteristics of a hull shape with chines derived from ocean racers. It was the start of a new range and a new era for the shipyard that began to make it's own way.
As the Azuree line increased it's offerings with the 33, a yacht of strong structure with a carbon reinforced chine and comes in two models: Fast Cruiser and Cruiser – 2010 Boat of the Year for the Italian magazine Vela&Motore, the first yacht under ten meters with twin wheel and rudder steering.
Since Miss Ipek Kiraç joined Sirena Marine in 2012, the yard strategy moved forward an even more international approach with new designers involved in new projects and further efforts to establish the Brand on the Market.

The Azuree 46', designed by Rob Humphreys, epitomizing the international direction of the brand was the first outcome of the new strategy. The flagship of the Azuree performance-focused series received remarkable attention from the International audience and won many trophies in races including the Fastnet, Spi Ouest, King’s Cup, IMS European Championship and the Spanish Royal Cup.
To pursue the strategic target fixed by the new management, Sirena Marine decided to invest financial resources (with total annual sales of 30 million Euro and with 25 million Euro invested over the previous five years) both to keep the Bursa Orhangazi yard (currently employs 550 workers, 155,000 square meter area, of which 35,000 are covered) one of the most technologically advanced facility in the Mediterranean area and to increase the production range with the launch of the Euphoria brand in 2013.
Euphoria is an extremely refined semi-custom line of yachts from 54' to 84' (up to now) destined for a demanding, expert and competent clientele. Once again, the designers are today's best - Germán Frers, Argentinian designer of hundreds of famous yachts: Stealth, Luna Rossa, Il Moro di Venezia, to name just a few, and Design Unlimited, one of England's most famous interior design studios, quite active in the super-yacht segment.
Exceptional beauty, seaworthiness (CE Cat. A certification), comfort, superb detailing, and at the same time fast performers yachts comes out Sirena Marine – with ranges able to satisfy both true cruisers and speed seekers. Winning characteristics of the Azuree and Euphoria lines are flush decks with hidden fittings, a highly engineered hull, custom made steering systems, top-level mast, boom and winch suppliers, excellent detailing, a modern and attractive design, precision designed internal volumes for living spaces worthy of decidedly larger yachts and an ample range of options.

33C’ (Ceccarelli–Sirena Marine), 41’ (Humphreys–Spadolini), 46’ (Humphreys–Sirena Marine)

54’ (Frers – Design Unlimited), 68’ (Frers – Design Unlimited), 84’ (Frers)

Sirena Marine will be at the 2016 Cannes Yachting Festival 2016 (6 - 11 September) with both the Azuree and Euphoria brands, unveiling two fascinating and stunning yachts – a world a-part the actual competition (in their respective categories) - for their high quality, innovative and functional overall concept, no-compromise comfort and excellent performance under sail.

For this 12 meter yacht Rob Humphreys (engineering by JIB Design) was inspired by his previous 46' design, using the technical and design solutions that made a success of the top of the range on a yacht that is remarkably smaller. The Azuree 41' – with four boats already sold – is presented with the determination of an innovative project, successful and a winner in her category. A perfect testimonial of Sirena Marine's production philosophy, the carbon fiber reinforced vacuum infused GRP performance cruiser (both lighter and faster than her direct competition) was designed to be quick in light airs yet powerful and stable when the wind picks up. Below decks Tommaso Spadolini has exploited interior volumes to the maximum with excellent stylistic solutions including the integration of the mast with the interior structures to creating a seemingly endless space, while offering two distinct below- deck layouts, both with three cabins and a sail locker (a level of comfort never before seen on a 41' boat). The use of clear wood quality finishing and ample windows that provide light for the interiors complete this fast cruiser, perfect for cruising but always ready for a race around the buoys.
SPECS - LOA 12.5 m, LWL 11.58 m, Maximum beam 3.93 m, Draft standard 2.4 m / optional 2.0 m, Displacement 8,600 kg, Sail area 100 sq.m

The Argentinian designer Germán Frers and the English design studio Design Unlimited are the authors of the latest addition to the semi-custom line that, like the rest of the range, is aimed at a sophisticated and demanding clientele, offering a wide range of customizable options, both in the internal layout and in the rig and draft. The enhanced hull, maneuver free deck, the spacious and safe areas for guests, the twin rudder configuration and the displacement evenly distributed along the waterline make her both powerful yet stable and comfortable both upwind and down, in any weather, guaranteeing enjoyable cruising for long periods.
A true super-yacht – the first unit has already been delivered to her new owner – the Euphoria 68' continues to astound below decks, where the refined touch of Design Unlimited is immediately recognizable: large wrap-around windows, three layout options to satisfy any need, precious woods and a natural clear color gamut bring modern freshness to the living spaces. If we add easy handling and ample storage space to this exquisite taste in design, we obtain a perfect blue-water yacht, ideal for world cruising – with class!


Ready to ride – and conquer – a scene presided over by only a few actors, Sirena Marine is back to power-boating, in a segment that it knows very well, having produced and designed hundreds of successful motor yachts over the years. Just a few details have been revealed of a very top-secret project: the presence of world famous designers and production already underway on vessels of two models that will be presented at next year's Dusseldorf and Miami boat shows.


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