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DIPIU’ Boats 900 SS: designed by passion

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DIPIU’ Boats 900 SS
DIPIU’ Boats 900 SS

Imagine… Santana burning guitar strings solo, playing "Black Magic Woman". Then the curtain rises… Silence… This magical black woman is a speedboat. Black, of course.
Made of Carbon fibre. Elegant as a panther, and, as the fearsome feline, knows how to pull out the nails, if necessary. Now close your eyes.


You are planing: around you, you hear the rustle of the wind that touches the carbon fiber hull.
It is a Feline. It is Predator.
It Scratches.
When all the notes are in the right spot, instruments are tuned harmoniously well, then ...
Then the melody is sublime.
Like the one played by Dipiù's engines. Like the rustling of the wind, a certain speed, through the waves....

Dipiù 900F Forte is a boat designed by the passion of the team of the Laboratorio del Mare and Roberto Curtò Design for those seeking the ultimate in performance and technology.

The hull is made entirely of carbon fiber, a material that has allows an incredible reduction in the weight to barely more than two and a half tones! It is a record value for a boat of 9.60 meters. The two Mercruiser 6.2 V8 350Hp engine can propel at a maximum speed of over 70 knots and provide faster acceleration and low fuel consumption. A season all think its amazing maneuverability: the hull Dipiù 900F provides excellent stability on plane and at the same time a very small turning radius.

Everything on board is designed to ensure optimum comfort for the cruise and the necessary support at high speeds thanks to five ergonomic seats, a spacious stern sundeck and richly finished. Interiors are richly decorated with selected precious Italian fabrics and veneer. 2 different layouts proposed, a tender/limousine version with 2 benches and a transformable double bed or a more comfortable 2+2 berth layout with separate toilette and a small galley.

The boat is custom made so it is possible to offer you a personalized configuration to satisfy your needs.

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