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Riva Boutique: excellence at your fingertips

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Riva Boutique:
Riva Boutique:

Absolute quality and precise craftsmanship in every detail, a taste for refined materials and incomparable elegance. These core values of Riva also belong to the finest collection of luxury accessories for sale now in the official online store (, of the iconic boating brand, forali products from the private collection.


"Riva inside, inside Riva" is the inspiring philosophy for the "Riva Brand Experience" products, ali characterized by the same high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail.. Designed for those who love the timeless elegance and distinctive design of the legendary Riva yachts, the online store, which is managed by the shipyard in collaboration with TRIBOO, is a collection of unique and incomparable products made with high quality materials and the unmistakable style of the Riva brand. Riva Boutique will carry the excellence an d craftsmanship of a shipyard symbol of the Made in ltaly, that makes history every day, for over 170 years.

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