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76' Perseo wins the umotor Boat Awards 2017"

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Motorboat Awards_76' Perseo
Motorboat Awards_76' Perseo

The Riva 76' Perseo has won  the  first  nautica! award  of  2017, confirming  the supremacy of style, comfort and technology that  has ma de it one of the  biggest hits in Riva's recent  history.


The  setting of this  triumph is the  2017 ed'rtion  of  "Motor Boat Awards", organized by IPC Media, the British publisher of  some  of  the  most  important international nautica!   magazines. The  ceremony took piace  in London last Monday, gth of January, during the Gala dinner organized at 'The Rosewood Hotel", in conjunction with the 63th  edition ofthe London Boat Show  which will  run until the  lSLh of January, and to which Fer retti Group participates through its exclusive  dealerVentura UK.

The Riva 76' Perseo, characterized by a unique design and a dee p sporting spirit, was awarded the prize in the Custom  Yachts  category. The   Custom  Lìne  l08'  was  In  the   same  shortlist,  reflecting the   unanimous appreciation of the  Ferretti  Group models by the  jury  and industry professio nals. The  award  has a particula r va lue, as it is a llocated on the  basis of technica l, aesthetic, innovative criteria, and only awa rded a fter thorough performance tests and sea trials carried  out  by journalists and the  publishing house, supported by engineers in shipyards.

'Thìs  new vìctory in Great Brìtaìn, as part of an ìmpor tant trade show  lìke the London  Boot Show, ìs  a great achìevement"- says Stefano de Vivo, Chief Commerciai Officer of Ferretti Group.

'Thìs year, we triumphed with a yacht that has received prestigious awards and unanimous success since its debut at the 2015 Cannes Yachting Festival. With this new prize, the 76' Perseo confirms ìtself as a true icon in the Riva coupe f/eet. Far us, then, to receive this award here has even more value because the United Kingdom, as well as a country of great tradition and nautica/ culture, is a strategie market in which Ferretti Group is proud to represent the ftalian design excellence and industry."


The new coupe  stems from the  cooperation between  Ferretti Group's Product  Strategy  Committee, the Group's Engineering Department, and designer Mauro  Micheli, co-founder, together  with Sergio Beretta, of Officina Italiana  Design, the design firm that exclusively pencils Riva's entire fleet.
lt was born in the "family feeling" with the other  models in the sporty ra nge. At first glance the yacht reflects sportiness and elegance, thanks to the wise choice of hull and superstructure colo rs.
The sporty look is further  enhanced  by the more than 430 square feet of glass su rfaces. The large windows in the hull, used on both  sides, is composed  oftwo elliptical surfaces, which are connected to each other by the Riva logo, made of a materia! that has always distinguìshed the brand: po ished staìnless steel.The large sundeck is harmoniously integrated ìn the aerodynamic  lines ofthe yacht and allows you to relax in privacy, as well as giving the opportunity to steer the yacht from a privileged position.

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