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Regulator Marine announced the next iteration of the company’s online

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Regulator 31
Regulator 31

Regulator Marine announced the next iteration of the company’s online boat builder tool will include price-as-you-build integration and direct image download for social sharing alongside mid-model year upgrades. First introduced in October of 2017, Regulator’s online boat builder has become one of the company’s top customer communication tools.


“Our boat builder was designed to better connect customers with every detail of their Regulator, and to streamline the buying process for customers and dealers alike,” said Joan Maxwell, president and co-founder of Regulator Marine. “The addition of MSRP pricing allows us to take that one step further as we walk customers through every aspect of their build, and social sharing just adds to the fun of it!”

Regulator’s boat builder brings users one click closer to their next Regulator ride, enabling them to choose their model, select their options with an understanding of how each option affects MSRP, and watch as their preferences come together in a preview of their final build. A simple click of social icons downloads a shareable image of the build to post on social media, and the downloadable summary allows customers to easily review and discuss options with their family, and their dealer.

Maxwell added, “Our customers still place incredible value on the ability to touch and feel the boat, and take it for a ride in a variety of sea conditions before they buy – but in today’s online marketplace, we want to give them every piece of information they need to confidently purchase the boat of their dreams.”

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ABOUT REGULATOR MARINE: Born and built to last in Edenton, North Carolina since 1988, Regulator boats are tested against the challenging conditions of the Outer Banks, and delivered to locations throughout the U.S. and abroad. As manufacturers of premiere sportfishing boats ranging from the Regulator 23 to the Regulator 41, as well as custom patrol boats and stand outs like the “Indestructible Queen Bee” – a 26-foot boat that survived a 3-year, 3,500-mile unmanned trans-Atlantic journey – Regulator delivers American-made craftsmanship like no other.

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