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Sailing around the world is the dream, Oyster make it happen

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The first Oyster World Rally was held in 2013-14, starting and finishing in Antigua, West Indies. The 2017-19 edition is well under way and is an evolution of the inaugural rally. The third edition is confirmed to start in January 2021, once again starting and finishing in Antigua and entries are now invited.


The Oyster World Rally started as an idea to celebrate 40 years of Oyster Yachts and has now become an essential part of the company’s DNA. The circumnavigation is a unique way to satisfy the desire to take that big adventure, safely and with total freedom. When the 2017-19 edition reaches the end, 100 circumnavigations will have been completed by Oysters – that is one in five of the 45ft+ Oyster yachts that are eligible for the rallies.

The route takes in some of the world’s most beautiful sailing grounds, with generous cruising time at the end of each passage, making the best of seasonal weather patterns. The 2021-23 event will be in two parts and yachts have the choice to enter both parts or just one:

Part 1 The Pacific Rally – January 2021 to October 2021
Part 2 The Asian Rally and The Passage Home – April 2022 to April 2023

Oyster is the only yacht manufacturer offering an organised circumnavigation and global concierge exclusively for its owners and the ‘Class of ’21’ will have the benefit of eight years of research, development, practical knowledge and expertise, to make their world adventure as seamless, safe and fun as possible.

Oyster assists with everything from customs and immigration to provisioning and, of course, helping with maintenance, spares, first-hand experiences, professional shore support at key stopovers and for the transit of the Panama Canal.

CEO, David Tydeman said: “We already have over 50 families expressing interest in the next Oyster World Rally 2021-23 and a couple have even asked about the 2025 edition! 

“Some don’t yet own an Oyster but such is the awareness of the exclusive opportunity the World Rally presents, that they are making firm plans. We’ve issued entry forms and three have already signed up, including the first of the new flagship Oyster 118.

“One of the participants of the Oyster World Rally wrote to the rest of the fleet in October 2017 as they neared Auckland for the end of the Pacific crossing and I quote: "It is hard to find new words to describe the experiences of the last year – ordinary people doing extraordinary things." The courage, kindness, generosity, fun, humour and friendship that we have experienced has been awe-inspiring.

“Along with showing the Oyster 745 at boot Düsseldorf, we will have members of the Oyster World Rally team on hand to talk to anyone interested in joining the ‘Class of ‘21’ and to find out more about the Oyster ocean adventures!”

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