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The record breaker changing the rules of the sailing world

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The record breaker changing the rules of the sailing world
The record breaker changing the rules of the sailing world

Nautor’s Swan is officially presenting the ClubSwan Yachts flagship, one of the most eagerly awaited yachts of all time: the ClubSwan 125. 
The ClubSwan racing yacht range is well-established and represents some of the finest performance One-Design racing available. The ClubSwan 125 now sets the highest possible benchmark for Nautor and is finally at sea ready to take part in the most iconic events in the sailing calendar with her debut being the Fastnet.


“At Nautor’s Swan we are very proud of having completed the construction of the ClubSwan 125. This is going to be a milestone in the history of yachting. We are grateful to the owner for having entrusted Nautor to build this boat, sharing with us the same values we have of innovation, technology, quality and reliability.” Leonardo Ferragamo, Nautor Group President says. “The project has been amazing and the opportunity to work together with the greatest boat builders, designers and technicians around the globe, was awe-inspiring”.
The Yacht, which sees the cooperation of the most brilliant minds in the marine industry hit the water in Pietarsaari, rounding off a complex and challenging project but with the end-result exceeding all expectations.

“The brief was at first for a very fast super yacht for inshore racing, but, as we were developing the project, it changed. We all realized, the owner at first, this yacht was meant to be a record-breaking machine.” commented Enrico Chieffi, Nautor Group Vice President and CS125 Project Leader, speaking from the deck of the boat right after the sea trials. “And so here we are, the brief has changed, and the boat has been developed to be successful in offshore racing and intending to beat all the monohull records around the world”.
The ClubSwan 125 is designed with a deep attention to detail, engineered under DNV-GL classification, built by the best boat builders of the industry, and out-fitted with the very best equipment from the most experienced suppliers.
To achieve her extremely light displacement, the ClubSwan125 is designed with a deep draught canting keel reducing weight and increasing righting moment at the same time, while the hull, deck, and structural parts were all made from state-of-the art carbon fibre prepreg with Nomex and Corecell cores.
To create horizontal and vertical forces at the same time, a unique rotating C-foil, with an asymmetrical profile, has been developed.  This foil provides vertical lift, reducing the boat’s displacement and bringing her into a “skimming” attitude. Equipped with twin rudders, the leeward one is always aligned with water flow and therefore optimizing helmsman control in all conditions, including sailing at very high speeds.

“Sailing on ClubSwan 125 makes me feel very proud of what we’ve been able to design and build.” says Juan Kouyoumdjian, Naval Architect. “Being part of this project, which is meant to write a new page in sailing history is something very rewarding. I’ve been able to work with the most brilliant professionals and we learnt a lot from each other.”

To marry performance and top-class sailing experience in an extreme project like ClubSwan125 is an inspiring challenge that forced the team to think outside the box collecting experience from the past and pushing frontiers.

“The ClubSwan 125 has really been an exciting project here in Finland and for sure it now leaves a void in our lives because we had not one day without excitement dealing with, what we like to call, this beast” Giovanni Pomati, Nautor Group CEO, states. “This yacht represents a collection of extraordinary competences coming from all over the world concentrated here at own shipyard at Nautor. For a yacht of such technology and performance to have been entirely built here in our facility, the BTC (Boatbuilding Technology Centre), makes us very proud, and allowed us to push our limits to the extreme to create something great.”
Technical Specifications:
LOA    42.620 m
LWL    36.605 m
Beam max    8.75 m
Draught (canting keel)    7,4 m
Displacement (empty)    58 820 kg
Ballast (fin and bulb)    23,230 kg
Engine    500 hp 
Rig and sail dimensions              Sail areas (based on ORCsy measurement criteria)
IM    53.300 m         Jib Area 100% triangle    413 m2
J    16.50 m         Mainsail    659 m2
P    51.700 m         Downwind Main + A3     1961 m2
E    18.350 m               
STL    21.760 m                
Tank capacity              Battery & power sources
Fuel storage    1000 l      264 USg         Service battery    24V 540Ah / 1 h
Rem. Fuel storage     2000 l      528 USg         Electronic battery    24V 180 Ah / 1 h 
Fuel day tank    200 l        53 USg         Starting battery    12V 25 Ah / 1 h
Water    220 l        58 USg         Generator    Fischer Panda 10000i 8kW
Hot water    60 l          16 USg         Main Engine    Marine Diesel Sweden VGT 500   
Black / Grey water       215 l        57 USg                  373kW @ 3600 rpm
Ballast tanks mid    8000 l      2113 USg             Shore power    230V 32A 1-phase
Ballast tanks aft    7000 l      1849 USg                

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