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The new Swan 55 model Line represents a new generation

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Swan 55
Swan 55

This new version of the Swan 55 model Line represents a new generation of hull design developed over the past couple of years with the assistance of tools available today to study the behavior of the canoe body in all sailing conditions.


Hulls with a powerful back end that attain maximum sailing length and low resistance while heeled thus the lowest possible displacement / length ratio and excellent balance through the range of heel angles in combination with the well proven twin rudder set up.

When designing the bow sections which are well rounded transversally and have a sharp entry angle, we have favored the sailing condition and comfortable ride when heeled. Because of the longitudinal high length to depth ratio sometimes it will be necessary to slow the speed while powering against a head chop.

The hull displacement is the result of a thorough study of weight and the position of the equipment onboard . These boats need to carry a fair amount of equipment for the comfort of the people living and enjoying life on board. However, the speed will be very good all around.

She will be a pleasant yacht to sail, easy to handle and cruise in its standard version and race in in its performance set up version, which includes a square to mainsail and a bowsprit for the light weather and downwind sails.

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