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Mondomarine launches 60m flagship M/Y Sarastar

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M/Y Sarastar is the first 60M and the 65th delivered yacht for the Italian Shipyard based in Savona
M/Y Sarastar is the first 60M and the 65th delivered yacht for the Italian Shipyard based in Savona

M/Y Sarastar is the first 60M and the 65th delivered yacht for the Italian Shipyard based in Savona. She is a collaboration with the Yacht Designer Luca Dini who designed the exterior, the layout and the interior.


The new 60m Mondomarine is a vessel with lines equally sportive and elegant, with both hull and superstructure all in aluminium and designed to reach a speed of over 19.5 knots and with a full beam of 10.50m. This feature turns her to be among the few ones on the panorama of yachts with such high level of speed and comfort, similar to a sporty Granturismo.

The merger of Mondomarine philosophy and the new vision of the designer Luca Dini combined to an accurate choice of material, care for details and a new project approach have originated a new series of fast boats suitable for those owners in search of high performance without compromising comfort, internal space and excellent quality. This is the first of a series of boats that complete the Mondomarine range from 41,50m to 64m designed by Luca Dini.  All of them share not only the same style but also a particularly accurate choice of materials and an innovative project approach.

One of the main characteristics of this yacht is the completely closed forward area in which the garage has been located. The tenders are completely hidden under a flush bridge that can be used as: helipad, sunbathing area for guests or dance floor.

Another important characteristic is represented by the stairs that lead us from the Sundeck directly to the side of the Wheelhouse, so connecting for the first time these two areas. This turns out to be a comfortable passage for guests but also for the crew.

The last but not less important feature concerns the stern area: the three skylights that can be found in all the bridges and create charming plays of natural light from the Sundeck to the Beach Club.

A particular attention has been reserved to the crew quarters which under the latest regulations offer space and comfort almost like guest cabins. There will also be new technology audio-video equipment chosen among the most advanced in the market, with the only aim of turning every area and moment aboard into a special one and transforming into particularly unique any ordinary living on board through the big scenographic effects produced by led.


A specific arrangement of the interior has been designed with 5 guest cabins on the Lower Deck, the Owner’s cabin on the fore side of the Main Deck with the size of a proper apartment and the full beam Sky-lounge on the Upper Deck of an unusually big size due to placing the fifth cabin elsewhere. 

The interior of this Yacht stems from the Owner’s specific and assertive demand for an unconventional, precious and especially innovative and unique effect.  Luca Dini and the team Silvia Margutti and Gabriele Tartarelli assigned to this project have taken over the challenging assignment of interpreting, balancing and harmonizing such directives in order to turn them into a tangible reality. The project has gone through an action-packed evolution: at times destructive, at other times revolutionary, much to encompass many conflicting souls.

A collection of areas where color explodes countering and turning shiny black surfaces, mirrors, huge windows. The astonishment never ends in a succession of very rare natural materials, white onyx, semi-precious stones, crystals, exotic marbles, modern fabrics resembling the mantle of fantastic animals, silk exclusively designed and woven by the Antico Setificio Fiorentino using Renaissance looms combining metal to unique yarns; custom wall coverings designed, painted and hand-embroidered by Fromental on a silver and silk base. The bathrooms are true jewelry boxes, masterfully outfitted by Dornbracht.

Following this already amazing premise, each cabin reveals ever more astonishing furnishing solutions enhanced by lighting effects specifically provided by Baldi. The attention to details and ergonomics further intensifies this alchemy of materials, colors and cutting-edge technologies.

The salons open onto the transom areas through impressive backlit onyx passageways and exclusive and precious furnishings welcome the guests. 

Two outstanding works of art created especially for Sarastar stand out: the dining table formed by a huge slab asymmetrically suspended on a base of magnificent crystal "scales" in amber and smoke color reproduced in the ceiling with asymmetrical crowns (by Baldi), and the wall feature that encloses the whole staircase to the guest areas from the Upper to the Lower Deck. It is a glass sculpture by the artist Lorenzo Malfatti (CVS Viareggio) generating a light effect which wraps up the guests and transport them into a dreamlike dimension. The light, masterfully designed and crafted by Hervé Descottes de L'Observatoire International emphasizes and enhances any atmosphere adding incredible charm.

Just like all the most recent yachts of the shipyard, the structural, hydrodynamic and technical aspects also of this 60m Semi-Displacement have been studied by Mondomarine Engineering.  

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