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Maxi Dolphin is the official supplier of Velista dell’Anno FIV

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Maxi Dolphin is the official supplier of Velista dell’Anno FIV
Maxi Dolphin is the official supplier of Velista dell’Anno FIV

Also this year the Italian shipyard Maxi Dolphin is the official supplier of the “Sailor of the Year FIV” who assigns his awards on Monday 31 May in the setting of Villa Miani in Rome.
"For us it is a pleasure and an honor to collaborate with the organizers of the Sailor of the Year FIV" explains Luca Botter, CEO of MD Technologies, the company that since 2016 has managed the shipyard founded in 1987. "For the prizegiving, thanks to a close relationship with the Cantine Bellavista, the winners will receive a Magnum while the president of Italian Olympic Committee Mr. Giovanni Malagò, to whom go our best wishes for the re-election, and Mr. Francesco Ettorre, president of the Italian Sailing Federation, will receive some Jeroboam of Brut Grande Cuvée. But the possibility of being a partner in the award ceremony of the Sailor of the Year FIV will not only be an opportunity to meet again many friends with whom celebrate the winners but also to disconnect, albeit for a few hours, from a start of the season full of satisfaction but very demanding for our shipyard".
At the Maxi Dolphin headquarters in Erbusco, a few kilometers from Brescia, the finishing touches are being given to a new model of the MD51 Power, the successful model of the “engine” fleet, whose delivery is now imminent. The launch of the first model of the new MD70 Power, with its 23.40 meters in length, the flagship of the Power collection, is scheduled for the end of the summer. Finally, in the sailing sector, the construction of the second Maxi Dolphin MD62ab of 18.80 meters is proceeding apace.
"We launched the first MD62ab last September" concludes Luca Botter "It immediately crossed the Atlantic and has been sailing in South American waters for months. Compared to the first which had a cruiser-racer setting, the owner of the second MD62ab wanted a more racer footprint. In particular, it will be equipped with a lifting keel, a new organization of the deck and the interiors, thanks to the possibility of an absolute customization that has always distinguished us, will have customized solutions developed by the owner's interior design together with our technical office. The launch is scheduled for spring 2022 and I believe that this Maxi Dolphin MD62ab will really be able to compete for the title of Boat of the Year in an upcoming edition of the Sailor of the Year FIV".


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