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Italia Yachts: Introducing the new Italia 11.98

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Italia Yachts : Introducing the new Italia 11.98
Italia Yachts : Introducing the new Italia 11.98

Italia Yachts is proud to present the new ITALIA 11.98, the new sport line yacht that will be launched at the end of the summer.


Introducing the new Italia 11.98

The Italia 11.98 project is aimed to create a boat that is really adaptable to different uses both cruising and racing.

The result is a boat that will inspire the most ambitious pro sailor and, at the same time, will give pleasing cruises to its owner.
Fun, highly performing and easy at the helm, Italia 11.98 has an essential and clean design, perfect for racing, without giving up space and maintaining adequate interior volumes and layout for long cruises.

Italia 11.98 reintroduces the concept of all-round boat, really able to support the efforts of the best sailing teams, as well as to meet the comfort needs of a more leisure oriented purpose. Hull, keel and rudder lines comes from several experiences in racing boats optimization field and also from sophisticated studies carried out in collaboration with computational fluid dynamics experts.

Also the design of the deck is the result of an extensive research in terms of ergonomics for various uses, design and aerodynamic.

The internal layout is developed by the Design Team Italia Yachts coordinated by the designer Matteo Polli, in collaboration with KMD by Kristian Macchiut.

Italia 11.98 is proposed in a single basic model, starting from which it is possible to choose between two different set-up configurations, completely customizable according to the intended use.

Italia 11.98
Italia 11.98

Astonishing performance: the race configuration

We can’t deny it: with this new model Italia Yachts wants to repeat, and if possible improve, the prestigious results obtained with the Italia 9.98, multi-winner in all regatta fields all over
the world and also winner of two ORC World Championships in 2015 and 2016.
But we want to do it starting from a completely new project, which makes the adaptability its most distinctive feature.

Italia 11.98 is indeed a unique boat, designed with a special attention to the different international regulations, in particular ORC and IRC. The possibilities of customization in race perspective are many, in order to satisfy both professional top teams and passionate sailors: each one will be able to benefit of the basic features of Italia 11.98, improving the accessories according to the expected level of use.

The innovative symmetrical layout allows a perfect concentration of weights in the middle of the boat.
In the ORC regulation Italia 11.98 is optimized to be the largest boat in Group C. In the top-of-the-line configuration, the boat can be also equipped with carbon mast, carbon boom, bow piston and carbon tiller.
But there are also further attentions dedicated to the racing world; the Italia 11.98 offers solutions specifically designed for offshore regattas, also in reduced crew: for example, a manually operated ballast system and an integrated bowsprit which allows to arm a gennaker or a furler instead of the spinnaker on the pole, more suited to regattas between the marks.
The completely symmetrical layout from stern to bow, in addition to being structurally ideal and to allow a perfect weight distribution is also very suitable for offshore regattas allowing an optimal berths layout.

Italia 11.98
Italia 11.98

Costruction and Appendages

The constructive parameters of Italia 11.98 are the same of each Italia Yachts model, in order to guarantee the maximum lightness, stifness, safety and durability.

Italia 11.98 is proposed in just one version with no difference in terms of construction, water lines or materials, either to be arranged in racing edition or in cruise edition.

The hull and deck are built in sandwich cores with PVC with different densities, impregnated with vinylester resin. Reinforcing plates are inserted at the equipment deck. High load areas are full laminated to improve the resistance to concentrated efforts. All bulkheads are 15 mm marine plywood and are bonded to the hull and gusseted to the internal structure and the deck.

The deck is bonded to the hull with structural adhesive and laminated internally. A structural frame is placed inside the hull glued and gusseted, to share the efforts of the mast and the
rigging. The hull and deck have gelcoat surfaces and the walkable areas of the deck are finished with antiskid from female mold. The keel has a reverse “T” configuration with lead blade and torpedo. The geometry has been designed using modern flow simulation software currently used by the America’s Cup syndicates, which allowed to obtain a very efficient wing despite a shallow draft. The rudder blade is laminated with biaxial / unidirectional reinforcements and PVC core on female moulds.

The rudderstock is made of anodized 6082 aluminum, CNC milled biconical with support blades. The stock bearings are self-aligning. Steering is by way of a fiberglass tiller as a standard. As an alternative to the fiberglass tiller, it is possible to install a twin wheel steering system (wheels diameter 900 mm) in the cruise version.

Italia 11.98
Italia 11.98

Relax with the cruise configuration

Who said that a winning racing boat should be uncomfortable on a cruise? Starting from this assumption Franco Corazza, project manager of Italia Yachts, has developed together with the design team of the shipyard, chaired by the engineer Matteo Polli, the project of Italia 11.98.

The result is the perfect boat for sport sailors looking for high performance but also for volumes and storage spaces suitable during a comfortable cruise.
The interior layout provides three cabins equipped with standard nautical beds, cabinets and enough storage spaces for a family cruise. There are also a large saloon, a spacious starboard headroom with toilet and sink, and a port headroom with shower and a locker for wet suit. In the cruise configuration, it is also possible to change the standard chart table with a smaller one, obtaining more space for a convenient storage cabinet and also for a second refrigerator. The lockers can be provided in fabric to reduce weight or in a rigid shell.

Sail plan

The Italia 11.98 has a generous sail plan with non-overlapping foresails and a big aspect ratio. The mainsail has a moderate square head with a considerable roach, eliminating the requirement for a split backstay or runners. The spinnaker fitting on deck is standard and for offshore race and cruise a bowsprit can be fitted for the asymmetrical sails.

Italia 11.98
Italia 11.98

Mast and rigging

The 11.98 comes with a tapered profile 9/10 fractional, aluminium performance mast fitted with pole track as standard. Full carbon
mast is available as optional. The two spreaders are swept at 21° maximizing jib roach. The aluminium boom has an internal outhaul. Discontinuous rigging and forestay is 1x19 stainless steel wire, with turnbuckles. Road rigging is available. The chain plates are placed at the widest part of the beam for maximum mast support and safe access to the foredeck. Forestay comes fitted with plastic foil. The backstay is a low-stretch Dyneema® with tensioner. All running rigging is in Dyneema®.

Deck layout

The deck layout is extremely clean and designed to ensure a great ergonomy during use in racing.

The liferaft locker is advanced to the bow for a better weight distribution.
The deck and the coachroof are designed to minimize wind resistance whilst ensuring a safe and easy moving around out of the cockpit. The importance of obtaining fair lines on deck has been the guiding lines for the design team who have designed a functional, ergonomically efficient and safe deck suitable for both race crews and family sailors.
The front cabin is equipped with a double hatch with 180° opening and there is the option to add further portlights in the coachroof. A removable cockpit table is available as optional. The open cockpit can be completed by a folding and removable bathing platform. There is also the possibility to provide a throug deck furler and an integrated bowsprit.

Italia 11.98
Italia 11.98


The interiors of Italia 11.98 have a modern and essential design, characterized by gelcoat surfaces, functional in both racing and cruising situations. The floor is made of marine plywood finished in anti-slip plastic laminate.

The layout provides three spacious cabins, two headrooms, one with toilet and sink and the other one with a comfortable shower, and a large saloon including the galley and the navigation chart table.
All the three cabins, one forward and the two symmetrical aft ones, have standard nautical beds.
Besides, the two benches in the saloon can be transformed in two single beds (1.95 m).
The saloon table with folding planes can accommodate up to 6 people and its structure offers a useful handrail.
In the L” galley there is a sink with folding mixer tap, a generous 150 liters fridge and a gimballed two-burners stove. In the cruise configuration, it is also possible to change the chart table from the race version with a smaller one on the starboard, obtaining more space for storage and for a second refrigerator.
The entire interior layout is thought to provide a lot of storage spaces suitable for a family cruise.

Italia 11.98
Italia 11.98

Technical Specifications

Model: Italia 11.98

Naval architecture: Italia Yachts Design Team - Matteo Polli

Interior design: KMD / Italia Yachts Design Team

Exterior design: KMD / Italia Yachts Design Team

Engineering & structures: Olivari Engineering / Italia Yachts

Shipyard: Italia Yachts Venezia

Property and management: Italia Yachts Venezia

Length overall: 11.98 m (39,304 ft)

Hull length: 11.65 m (38.2 ft)

Max beam: 3.98 m (13.0 ft)

Draft: 2.10 m (6.9 ft)

Displacement: 6,200 kg (13,668 lbs)

Engine: Diesel 30 Hp

Transmission: Sail Drive

Engine Battery: n°1 x AGM 70 Ah House

Services battery: n°2 x AGM 70 Ah

Fuel: 110 litres

Water: 200 litres

Sail area

Mainsail area: 50 sqm (538.2 sq ft)

Jib area: 43 sqm (462.8 sq ft)

Spinnaker area: 110 sqm (1,184 sq ft)

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