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Invictus Yacht reveals new details of the model Invictus 370 GT

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Invictus 370 GT
Invictus 370 GT

Invictus Yacht, the brilliant Italian shipyard that is becoming the reference point in the international yachting market for small and medium size recreational vessels releases more details and the full photography of their flagship 2016-17 model, Invictus 370 GT.

The 370 GT - after the recent debut at Cannes Yachting Festival 2016 - has been nominated for  the "European Power Boat of the Year 2017" in the category 11 to 14 meters. The award prize giving will take place during the upcoming Boot Dusseldorf 2017. 


The evolution of the GT species takes shape. The 370 GT, the new model at the top of the gamma, raises the already exceptional level of quality of the small Invictus yachts to a new level of excellence, proving their form and character and conquering the title of flagship for the innovative Italian shipyard.

The characteristic reverse bow, the lateral windows integrated into the hull and the widespread quality detailing that is typical of the brand take on a new dimension with the 370 GT and are dedicated to the owners who want to take the next step up in the world of Invictus yachts.

Ever more spacious and comfortable she hosts two large cabins belowdecks that can be personalized based on the needs of the owner: the ample stern cabin comes with two single beds that can be brought together as one, hosting three children or two adults with comfort to spare; the bow cabin can be set up with a third berth or, if the owner so chooses, with a long settee and matching table to one side, with a corner bar and television, creating a comfortable and scenographic living area.

This dual configuration was conceived to satisfy the widest target possible, including the elite Invictus target, and reminds us that the vessel can be used as a mega-yacht tender, or for luxurious waterfront villas or for short cruises, guaranteeing the owner the most space possible, especially when comparing the GT to other offerings in the same market segment.

The single lateral windows are unique, not only for their increased size, but also for their dual level and for the noteworthy material nature of the inset, enhancing the Invictus tradition of elegant shapes sculpted right into the material.

As mentioned, the larger size has allowed more freedom to design the deck layout and equipment: the helm and navigation station, fitted out with three oversized and enveloping chairs for the driver’s comfort and two others, just to begin with. Of special interest is the opening side platform to port that not only increases the vessel's fascination and available space, but actually increases freedom of movement and the facilitates cockpit use when on board.

An interesting feature is the submersible stern deck, unheard of before for this size and type of vessel, a sure advantage in flexibility and enjoyment while using the yacht. The rich detailing and assortment of standard accessories doesn't end here, but also includes a mobile bar incorporated in the stern settees that holds a compact kitchen with sink, refrigerator, ice-maker and special lockers.

The central area of the deck evolves around an extendable table, closely integrated with an ample “L” shaped sofa with fully reclining backrests that transform the entire area into a huge cushioned sunbathing zone. The “L” shaped sofa is part of the starboard bulkhead and opens to its left to let you fully appreciate the view of the sea through the opening made by lowering the optional side platform.

All the furnishings and upholstery are obviously in state of the art materials with the latest styling, enriched by special quality leathers and made even more precious thanks to the chromed stainless steel trim covered with special leather that not only underlines the Invictus heritage but adds value to the whole and increases the aesthetic beauty and usefulness of the living spaces.

The 370 GT will be available in an Open version with a bimini top that electrically folds into it's own enclosure, or in the Hardtop version whose cover includes both the helm and the after dinette. Shade can also be found with a third variation comprised of a perforated awning in hi-tech material, supported by a special carbon fiber struts; it can be set up to partially cover the deck too.

Available colors are the four variations of the GT gamma: “Vanilla Sea”, delicate and crystalline; “Attack Gray”, spirited and tough; “Dark Wood”, noble and refined; “Personal White”, the classic color. A prospective owner may turn to the Atelier Invictus with special requests for materials, colors and finishings; if the requests are similar to the styling of the brand, consultants will assist the owner in choosing special finishes and equipment.

There are also more choices for inboard-outboard diesel engines: twin Volvo 300 hp or 370 hp Mercruisers.

The GT Series is Invictus Yacht’s proposal to those who want the best in recreational craft and beauty, comfort and performance. The range includes different sizes of yachts, with customizable equipment and accessories, with inboard-outboard diesel and gasoline engines to satisfy every need. Finishings include ample sunbathing areas and settees with high quality cushions, a fully equipped on-deck kitchen and a cabin with an enclosed bathroom. The GT Series is characterized by their reverse bows, wave piercing and massive, for their shapes which are treated like artfully sculptured solid blocks, carrying design to a new and ambitious level: the creation of a luxurious personal jewel for relaxation and enjoyment, to own and show with pride.

Thanks to their collaboration with the famous Cristian Grande DesignWorks studio, Invictus Yacht has created a range of craft identifiable by their avant-garde design that extrudes passion for the sea, design and technology, that dominate the scene thanks to their elegant and forceful shapes, the result of highly defined styling and a refined search for functionality. Richly detailed finishings and innovative ergonomics and materials give each Invictus an atmosphere of luxurious well being on board. These qualities create a new identity for yachts: elegant, comfortable, with high-level equipment and finishings, reliable and safe even in rough seas.

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