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Fincantieri awarded with financial communication prize Oscar di Bilancio

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Trieste, November 25, 2020 – Fincantieri was awarded the 2020 “Oscar di Bilancio” financial communication award, the long-standing prize promoted and organized by FERPI (Italian Federation of Public Relations), which, for over fifty years, has awarded the most virtuous companies in the field of financial reporting and relations with stakeholders. The award has always represented a significant milestone for professionals operating within the economic and financial sector as well as in the field of market communications. The award-giving ceremony was livestreamed today.


The organizing committee of the 2020 award consists of FERPI, the Italian Stock Exchange and the Bocconi University, as well as other partner associations. The 2020 edition of the award saw the participation of many organizations of varying size and sectors. This highlight an increasing number of organizations considering the financial statement not only as a tool to report on the past, but also a means to narrate the company's mission and future. 

The Commission’s motivation acknowledges Fincantieri for having presented, within the medium and small-sized listed companies category, “a very thorough Sustainability Report where the target goals are identified accurately, with special attention to environmental and social issues. The economic and financial report as well provides a comprehensive picture of the company's performance and the main risks to which it is exposed”.

Initiated in 1954 following the will of Roberto Tremelloni,  then-president of the Institute for Public Relations and former Finance Minister, the award aims at stimulating companies to improve the process of presenting, drafting and disseminating their annual report. The award goes to the best financial statement correlated with social and environmental performance.

The Group views the challenges of innovation and sustainability as essential to preserve a global leadership position throughoutthe highvalue-added shipbuilding industry and it is therefore engaged in curbing the effects of climate change and reducing emissions into the sea and into the atmosphere.
In 2020, Fincantieri commitment to fight climate change was rated B by the Carbon Disclosure Project, an independent non-profit organization that offers a system to measure, detect, manage and to globally share information regarding the companies environmental impact. The Group, also, positioned itself in the top cluster of Vigeo Eiris, agency that assesses the integration of social, environmental and governance factors in the context of sustainability, gaining the highest placement among its reference peers.

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