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Seastema showcased its latest naval technologies at IMDEX 2019

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SEASTEMA showcased its latest naval technologies at IMDEX 2019
SEASTEMA showcased its latest naval technologies at IMDEX 2019

SEASTEMA has taken part to the IMDEX 2019 exhibition, held in Singapore on May 13th to 16th, to present its latest developments in naval technology: the SEASTactics integrated mission and control system and the OMEGA360 ubiquitous digital radar. SEASTactics is the core of the SEASTactics fully integrated system for patrol vessels and auxiliary ships. It provides all functions and facilities to carry out the vessel mission: plan and execute operations, compile and maintain the tactical picture and leverage all on-board subsystems to support the vessel assigned task. OMEGA360 is a groundbreaking, ubiquitous radar able to provide uninterrupted short range up to (30 km) surveillance all around a vessel. OMEGA360 is an Software Defined Radar mainly designed for naval surface surveillance. Its ubiquitous non rotating antenna aims at facing the most demanding threats a modern navy has to counter both in symmetric and asymmetric warfare scenarios, working as a complement to a main ship radar.


SEASTEMA CEO, Alessandro Concialini, was also present at IMDEX 2019 to unveil the company cutting edge products. “We strive to push the envelope on maritime and naval technology with each passing year, building innovative solutions that support and expand our clients capabilities.” Mr. Concialini said. “Innovation and growth are at our core: SEASTEMA builds on its solid foundations and know-how in the maritime field and on-board system integration to continuously improve our offer and efficiently respond both to traditional requirements and to new ones.” “For example, SEASTactics has been designed primarily for patrolling and auxiliary units, to support Navies and Shipyards with a single interface, an integrator enabling compact and cost effective high quality solutions. Moreover it will allow for a reduction in the manning requirements for future vessels and as a spearhead for future applications to unmanned military vessels as well. Last but not least, our OMEGA360 radar, that we unveil here for the first time, was wholly internally developed to support and expand existing naval vessels capabilities. It’s a radically new technology and we believe we will find application for it even beyond the naval and maritime domain.”

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