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The new Cranchi A46 Luxury Tender presented in streaming

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Cranchi A46 Luxury Tender
Cranchi A46 Luxury Tender

Cranchi Yachts choses a digital format for the presentation event for its latest model: the A46 Luxury Tender, a Yacht that for characteristics and attitude is in a class of its own and deserves a launch with an innovative character.


On the 14th of June 2021, clients, enthusiasts, dealers and journalists from all over the world had the opportunity to witness simultaneously the unveiling of the A46 Luxury Tender through a streamed event. To present it were the designers who conceived it, in a multi-voice dialogue that involved also Andrea Piccione, Head of Sales of Volvo Penta, and especially Christian Grande, who once again confirms his talent by signing an absolutely original art direction. The event was streamed at the Marine Test Centre, Cranchi’s showroom in San Giorgio di Nogaro on the Adriatic sea. 

Cranchi A46 Luxury Tender
Cranchi A46 Luxury Tender

A46 Luxury Tender 
The newborn in the range of Cranchi Yachts is a Luxury Tender of 46 feet, with distinctive features that make it ideal as a dayboat or express cruiser. Looking at it, you immediately feel a sense of originality, you can feel the strength and beauty of an idea. 

The designer Christian Grande wanted to emphasize the horizontal lines: the belt traces a very taut line and without being interrupted by any other element or vertical sign. The accent marked by the belt is taken up by the lines of the glass body that characterizes the hull. A cut, essential, precise but not aggressive.
The entire perimeter of the yacht can be traversed safely on walkable gunwales, without ever encountering obstacles. So it is extremely comfortable to move from the middle of the boat, where there are the steering console, the bar and the table, towards the bow and the stern where there are more seats and comfortable spaces: it creates three centres of gravity well-spaced to each other and at the same time they are perfectly connected to offer the owner a safe place, dedicated to pleasure, relax and conviviality. 
The authentic vital and emotional centre of the yacht is the elegant galley corner, equipped with stove, sink, refrigerator and ice machine to enjoy the best occasions of relaxation and fun, the moments of happy hour or meals. A table is located aft of the bar, offering spacious seating on both sides: a sofa towards the bar, and on the other side, the large stern sundeck that thanks to the adjustable backrest serves as a second sofa. 

Forward of the bar there is a triplet of seats facing the gear with an elegant sporty style. The pilot is destined for the central seat, in front of which there is a large pilot console equipped with the best that electronics can provide today, to manoeuvre the boat and to manage all the home automation and entertainment systems. 

Cranchi A46 Luxury Tender
Cranchi A46 Luxury Tender

The driving position is sheltered by a wraparound windscreen and an extraordinary T-Top that is one of the authentic wow factors of the A46 Luxury Tender. Iconic for the beauty of its lines and for the suggestive chromatic effect given by the carbon fibre, the full-width hard top deeply characterizes the aesthetics and the character of this Yacht. The cover is definitely hi-tech, very light and resistant, with lighting and integrated hi-fi system, but the sensations that can arouse are absolutely romantic. This is due above all to the blade system that allows the hard top to be opened in a few seconds, creating cuts of light and shade that give unique suggestions, perfectly in tune with the refined style of the A46. The shade offered by the hard top can also be extended to the rest of the cockpit thanks to comfortable fixtures.
In the bow there is also a second sundeck which, thanks to a configuration that recalls the classic Portuguese bridge, is perfect as additional seating. 
The stern area is instead dominated by the large sundeck that, as mentioned, can perform a dual function thanks to an adjustable and removable backrest that allows isolating the sofa that looks towards the table in the middle of the boat.

To discover the most surprising feature of the A46 Luxury Tender, however, we must look at the sides of this sundeck. The upper edges of the sides are wide and offer comfortable additional seating, ideal for moments of informal conviviality. The bulwarks themselves can be opened with a servo-electric mechanism to considerably extend the surface of the cockpit (over 5 metres) with two terraces jutting out over the water, in complete continuity with the cockpit flooring. Here is yet another wow factor: space is expanded and access points to the water are multiplied, with two platforms at the sides that are added to the aft platform, which in turn can be moved in an up/down and transverse direction.
Under the stern sundeck opens a garage that can accommodate an inflatable tender up to two metres in length, for whose operations of putting in water and return is very useful. 
As is clear, this yacht invites outdoor life; nevertheless, the shipyard has not neglected the spaces below deck with convertible solutions which are both elegant and extremely functional. The dinette in fact can be transformed into a sleeping area in addition to the comfortable aft full beam cabin. The bathroom is complete with separate shower cubicle.
There are numerous solutions, both below deck and in the cockpit, that make it easy to connect to electronic devices: watertight USB sockets, universal wireless charges for smartphones and audio and entertainment systems that can be controlled from any position.

Cranchi A46 Luxury Tender
Cranchi A46 Luxury Tender

The new A46 Luxury Tender is powered by two Volvo Penta IPS D6 engines, each rated at 480HP (2x353 KW), which guarantee optimal navigation and low fuel consumption. 
Hull colours and décor can be customized with the Cranchi Atelier program to make even more unique the style of this yacht inspired by the savoir-vivre and the pleasantness of the Mediterranean culture. 

Marine Test Centre and Cranchi private show 
The presentation of the A46 Luxury Tender took place in San Giorgio di Nogaro, at the Cranchi Yachts Marine Test Centre, a permanent showroom located in a beautiful natural setting easily accessible from Milan, Venice, Treviso and Trieste airports.
Here since the summer of 2020, the shipyard has proposed the Cranchi Private Show, an event that allowed clients and journalists to view and test the Cranchi range in an exclusive, private and safe environments the Cranchi Private Show is organized in collaboration with the Cranchi Yachts dealer network to which clients can turn to make appointments.

Cranchi A46 Luxury Tender
Cranchi A46 Luxury Tender

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