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Couach Yachts: launches the latest in its superyacht series, 4400 Fast Fly

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Couach Yachts: 4400 Fast Fly
Couach Yachts: 4400 Fast Fly

French shipyard Chantier Naval Couach - which owns Couach Yachts – has launched  the latest in its superyachts line, the 4400 FAST FLY. The Arcachon-based yacht builder has released a number of images showing the completion of this fast planing, composite yacht. 


The 4400 FLY FAST has been rethought around 49.5m M/Y La Pellegrina (5001 FLY delivered in 2012), and 49.3m M/Y Belongers (5002 FLY delivered 2014). Like the previous two, the yacht has been fully customised and is a unique project in itself. There has been particular attention to the interior details and craftsmanship of the 4400 FAST FLY. 

The yacht’s interior features a combination of exceptional materials including bronze, oak, treated leathers, engraved glass, engraved marble, Dacryl® with copper inlay, and metallic resin. Many decorative elements were created specifically for the yacht, hand in hand with the client and the captain.

The owner of the yacht has a longstanding relationship with the Couach Yachts. 

Including this latest project, three-quarters of the superyachts over 40 metres that were delivered in France in the last five years have emerged from the Couach Yachts shipyard (source: The completion of the 4400 FLY FAST cements Couach Yachts’ position as the foremost French superyacht builder, in a country renowned for its proud maritime history. 

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