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Beneteau Boat Club: a boat to suit your wildest desires anytime you want

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Beneteau Boat Club
Beneteau Boat Club

Beneteau and their dealers are always on the lookout for new ways to enjoy boating, so in spring 2017, they launched the Beneteau Boat Club, taking inspiration from clubs in the United States. The first single brand club in France, this new service means that, without owning them, boaters can now enjoy Beneteau’s latest motorboat models. This is a great step towards hassle-free “on demand” boating for anyone with a boat licence.


Designed for anyone wishing to take the model of their choice out to sea, whenever they like, Beneteau Boat Club guarantees its members the unique expertise and friendly approach of Beneteau’s professional network.

From Ajaccio to La Baule via the Balearic Islands

By offering a fleet of 60 motorboats across 15 bases in France and Spain, as of this year, the Beneteau Boat Club is now the biggest European boat club. This service may be extended the Italian and British coasts. The aim is to offer a service that will enable anyone to find the boat to suit their sailing programme, with the same level of service wherever they go.

Free and without constraints

When you join the Beneteau Boat Club, you have unrestricted access to a fleet of outstanding quality! To enjoy this new boating freedom, all you need to do is pay a membership fee of 1,000 euros on Once a member, you will be able to enjoy à la carte boating on a credit system, by booking the boat you would like at the site you have chosen. Then all you need to do is be on site the day of the handover and enjoy the new freedom. This approach to boating is cheaper for its users than standard chartering.

Active community

In addition to unrestricted boating, Beneteau Boat Club is an ideal way to try out a new model with a view to a future buy and it is also a way of sharing your passion. All through the year, members are invited to exclusive events such as theme nights, the first showing of Beneteau’s new models, boat shows, and boating rendezvous.

Wide choice of motorboats
“ I really love your new Beneteau! You do? Which one? ” This type of interaction could become commonplace on the quays in the months to come. Whether you feel like racing or cruising, or whether you choose a day getaway or a week’s cruise, there is always a model to suit your project.

No need to choose between quality, safety and professionalism

The fleet available offers recent boats (less than three years old) and is meticulously maintained. Before the eys are handed over, each boat is prepared by member of our professional network on the chosen site. This person will provide boaters with information and advice on the area of navigation and weather, as well as personalised assistance when handing over the chosen model.

Created on the initiative of the Beneteau dealers, the Beneteau Boat Club hopes to extend quickly to other European countries and even other continents. Completely in keeping with the brand’s mission, this innovative service will offer new prospects to people who dream of a different kind of boating.

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