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Trimaran Baikal 36 SMT: a new product for diving centres

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Trimaran Baikal 36 SMT
Trimaran Baikal 36 SMT

A steel motor trimaran Baikal 36 SMT is designed for professional diving centres and dive tour companies, because it fully complies their requirements to be fulfilled in providing safe and comfortable sea travel and diving.


The new Baikal 36 SMT is unique and it means energy saving technologies, a modern ergonomic design, a wide hull, a lack of motions and also cost-efficient diesel-power motors.

Unlike of most other vessels designed for divers the trimaran Baikal 36 SMT is stable on the water: due to the bigger distance between auxiliary bodies rolling motions are negligible. The vessel, as per designers’ calculations, will be stable under any wave direction.

At the project design stage we considered the feedback from experienced divers. It allows us to find an optimal solution at the project design modification stage.
Thus, all cabins in the hull re situated on the same level. From here, through a broad passage, you can enter a stern, get through an instruction, put equipment on and dive. Closer to the stern, opposite to a technical room for divers, a medical station is situated. You can enter a technical cabin from both passage and opening board. Under windy conditions it is better to use this entrance. A zone of tranquility is situated between two hulls. 

Both cockpit and crinoline are good prepared area for diving and escape from water. Rails are installed along the perimeter and between gaps. Divers can comfortably put equipment and flippers on and off. The crinoline is also equipped with big platform with installed safety racks. Along edges of main platform are installed to hydraulic ladders (?) that emerge into water to a sufficient depth that allows effortlessly return to the vessel. 

In order to provide comfortable leisure for divers on the vessel all technical premises and compressors were removed. They are located in auxiliary hulls that allow to take compressors’ noise away from cabins and avoid air pollution in dive bottle refill from working engines during movement. During anchorage and short marches the trimaran uses only electric motors, i.e. moves quietly and does not generate exhaust gases. A battery bank charges from solar collecting panels and ensures an operation of electric motors and all systems. They are located on a roof of fly bridge of main vessel and hull surface of auxiliary vessels. A main advantage of such systems is a possibility to save diesel oil and protect the environment.

The trimaran has 13 comfortable cabins for guests on a main vessel; cabins for 12 crew members are located in floats. In consequence, guests and crew are in different spaces and do not interfere each other. Everyone has its own private and comfortable recreation area.
The master’s cabin is located near the steering position and the trimaran’s main dayroom. In the dayroom you can watch a movie about divers’ adventures or observe a real-time diving. 
The fly bridge has a full set for comfortable leisure: sofas, deckchairs, bar and grill. For visual inspection of duty sailor over the fly bridge a platform is installed. Such novelty was provided by an order of a diving centre director. The platform can be raised even higher using hydraulics, if a watch keeper needs to observe surrounding areas.

The diving centre is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment allowing to track all divers in water using sensors. A complex developed by specialists from Saratov, provides a possibility to track a diver’s movements, measure a submersion level, distance to the vessel, an approximate air reserve, etc. In developers’ idea such complex is able to help avoid critical situations during diving. After emergence the sensor provides a signal and indicates on display a direction for search of diver.

Another important feature of Baikal Yachts Group trimaran: it eliminates issues relating to sea sickness (for both newcomers and experienced divers), because it does not have motions. The main hull easily scales lengthwise. It can scale from 36 to 46 meters without extending hull width. It allows to create diving centres with big number of comfortable cabins.

Baikal 36 SMT parameters
The Baikal 36 SMT trimaran has max. 36 m length and 22 m width, is equipped with four diesel-power motors: two 800 horse power main motors and two reserve 200 horse power motors; it moves with cruising speed 10 knots per hour and maximum speed – 18 knots per hour. A slight draft allows to come closer to interesting objects: coasts, big rivers’ offings and lagoons. Spacious fuel tanks, tanks for drinking water, watermakers and energy systems allow to stay in independent cruise for a long time.
It is equipped with 19 cabins, 12 of each are two-room cabins for guests and 7 cabins for crew; the trimaran holds 24 passengers and 13 crew members.

Baikal 36 SMT advantages
The luxury trimaran makes even the longest sea travel comfortable. The vessel manufacturer manages to reach such result due to the following factors:
•    Minimum rolling motion due to a big projection of auxiliary hulls; 
•    Comfortable living environment; 
•    Energy saving technologies;
•    Scalable vessel hull;
•    Floats – warehouses for storage of diving equipment, gear and compressors.

Baikal Yachts Group is ready to provide the whole range of engineering, ship-building, servicing and finishing works on manufacturing of Baikal 36 SMT for any region. Provided that the Russian manufacturer’s price is 25% lower than in Europe. This is the reason why it is more profitable due to currency fluctuations to build similar vessels in Russia.

The project concept: Sergey Gmyra, designed by Maksim Lodkin.

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