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Baglietto Navy at SeaFuture 2018 from 19 to 23 June in La Spezia

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Baglietto Navy FFC 15
Baglietto Navy FFC 15

Baglietto  Navy, the  military  division  of  the  historical  shipyard based  in  La  Spezia,  Italy, is  taking  part  in SEAFUTURE  2018,  the  event  devoted  to  marine and naval technologies in the civil and defence sectors, which this year is being held from 19 to 23 June at the Military Dockyard of La Spezia.


Baglietto Navy will be present with a stand and will display the FFC15, the first patrol boat built  by  the  shipyard  since its  acquisition by  the  Gavio  Group.  This  15  m  aluminium  boat can ensure outstanding performances and be used as a landing craft, a fast attack craft, for police  actions,  patrolling,  logistic  and  rescue  operations.

It is  a multipurpose  naval platform specifically designed to ensure the utmost flexibility and efficiency in any and all scenarios thanks to a wide range of custom solutions both in terms of propulsion (waterjet, shaft Line, surface drive & stern driveare all available options) and with regard to interior and  exterior  fittings.  Indeed, the FFC15 stands  out  for  its  great  versatility,  since  it  can  be used as a patrol boat, a missile launcher, and ambulance boat or an amphibious craft for the firebrigade. A drone version is also currently being developed.

Impressive speed performances (the boat can reach a maximum speed of 45 knots) and easy manoeuvrability are the main features of this project, and – together with its limited draught (0.80 m) – make the FFC15 ideal for both landing operations and river navigation.

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