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Arcadia Yachts has implemented a new protocol for visits and sea trials

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Arcadia Yachts shipyard
Arcadia Yachts shipyard

Arcadia Yachts has implemented a new protocol for visits and sea trials tailored to the needs of owners and professionals

-          The regulations prepared by the Italian shipyard, simultaneously with the reopening of production activities in the past weeks, are tailored to the needs of the visiting and prospective owners of their yachts


-          This exclusive protocol does not apply just to the shipyard’s area - it extends to include a series of protective measures for travel, overnight stays and sea trials

The ability to foresee the needs that may arise is among the traits that have always made forward-looking ARCADIA YACHTS stand out from the crowd. This ability is not limited “just” to their models, which over the years create a new way to experience the relationship between owner and sea, it includes the very way they work.

A perfect example is the new tailored protocol created by ARCADIA to enable their yacht owners to visit the Italian shipyard and try out the yachts in perfect safety. The protocol “guides” customers from the moment they reach the airport.

Arcadia protocol
Arcadia protocol for sea trials and shipyard visits

The first step was to identify a company complied with the current administrative and health laws and have it manage private flights. The cars used for commuting are equipped with screens separating drivers and guests and are disinfected at the end of each run. Passengers have their body temperature checked and are provided with single-use face masks if they do not have their own.

Helicopter travel is delivered by professionals who comply with a number of precautionary measures agreed with E.N.A.C. (Ente Nazionale Aviazione Civile, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority). These measures include the sanitisation of every aircraft with nebulisers, body temperature checks and PPE (mask, gloves, shoe covers and sanitiser) supplied to pilots and passengers. Social distancing is possible on larger helicopters.

ARCADIA YACHTS can also recommend a specific hotel for overnight stays. In addition to its excellent service and closeness to the shipyard, this hotel has implemented all the precautionary measures listed in the “Accoglienza Sicura” protocol [Italian protocol for safety in the hospitality industry], which was prepared with the Italian Red Cross and is endorsed by the Confindustria Alberghi, Federalberghi and Assohotel trade associations.


The visits of the production sheds to check the work in progress in construction are among the most exciting moments for owners. To allow their customers to fully enjoy this even in these difficult times, ARCADIA YACHTS have included in their protocol a number of measures in addition to the ones applied normally.

Sherpa XL
Sherpa XL

The tour begins even before departure, with the collection via e-mail of visitor data and of a recent medical history. Shortly before the tour, all premises and yachts are sanitised and visitors (who are supplied with a specific Personal Protective Equipment kit by ARCADIA) are guided through dedicated routes in the offices and in the production areas. Staff working on the models the visitors wish to see are given plenty of advance notice, so they can move away and all critical surfaces can be cleaned.

In the case of sea trials, customers will be transported to the marina in separate, previously sanitised cars. In addition to standard yacht preparation activities, the crew will disinfect the most critical surfaces and set up a specific station for visitors who wish to wear a protective gown, glasses or protective shields and shoe covers. Before casting off, the crew on board will brief passengers on how to behave during the sea trials, to ensure the greatest safety of the trial in COVID-19 terms and to fully enjoy the iconic moment of every visit.

“Much of our success is closely linked to the relationship we succeed in establishing with our customers,” explained Ugo Pellegrino, the Sole Director of the Italian shipyard. “A tour of the shipyard is one of the moments that make the bond deeper and allows us to become deeply tuned with our yacht Owners. The current procedure, in addition to its clearly practical aspects, also aims to be a way to help our possible visitors understand we will always look after them, even in unusual times such as the ones we are currently living in.”

“Obviously, at the same time, we aim to fully protect our staff as well,” added Pellegrino. “In that sense, I would particularly like to thank all the people who worked on this protocol and the staff who are regularly briefed on how to make our guests’ visits as pleasant and safe as possible. This is just one of the initiatives we are exploring to bring customers and professionals closer to our Brand even in this unusual situation.”


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