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Arcadia Yachts consolidates managerial team for next stage of development

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Arcadia Yachts consolidates managerial team for next stage of development


Il cantiere Arcadia Yachts
Il cantiere Arcadia Yachts

ARCADIA YACHTS, the ambitious young Italian yard that has carved itself a substantial 15% market share in its segment by developing 5 models between 2010 and 2017, is pleased to announce the consolidation of its managerial team with the appointment of Francesco Ansalone a s Marketing & Communication Manager and Mario De Camillis a s Service Manager. The addition of these two new members to the team is an important move by the yard as it is currently going through a period of rapid growth. In 2016 alone, it sold 6 yachts, bringing the worldwide Arcadia fleet to around 20 vessels, which are sailing as far afield as China and North America as well as here in the Mediterranean.

ARCADIA YACHTS has claimed a rightful position on the world nautical scene and these new appointments highlight its ambition to position itself as a benchmark player in addition to working with a dealership network that has recently expanded into exciting new markets beyond the well- established Mediterranean.

Francesco Ansalone’s task as Marketing & Communications Director will be to support the brand’s development through both direct action and in partnership with the abovementioned rap- idly-expanding dealership network. His extensive UHNWI experience in similar roles in other sec- tor-leading businesses and his background in private client management with leading Swiss banks will prove invaluable in this work.

Francesco Ansalone responsabile dell’area Marketing & Comunicazione di Arcadia Yachts
Francesco Ansalone responsabile dell’area Marketing & Comunicazione di Arcadia Yachts

Although he originally trained as a lawyer, Mario De Camillis quickly turned his passion for the sea into his profession as a leisure craft captain for two decades. His job will be to coordinate Arcadia’s service activities by flanking Owners, Captains and Crews of ARCADIA yachts during the training and familiarisation phase with their craft in addition to developing assistance activities for the entire life cycle of the boats. De Camillis’s seafaring experience will be pivotal in helping ARCADIA YACHTS hone its products and services to better dovetail with the needs of crews.

“We started out very humbly, just following OUR DREAM. But we became successful very quickly thanks to our products. And that’s what we have focused on, developing in very quick succession a fleet of 5 boats that reflect our philosophy and our values,” explains Ugo Pellegrino SOLE DIRECTOR - ARCADIA YACHTS.

“Now, after investing in upgrading our 36,000 square metre production facility, we intend to strengthen our relationship with our OWNERS and Crews through our new Service department as we are convinced they are our best Ambassadors and that, with their support, we can continue to improve and hone our product,” adds Pellegrino.

Mario De Camillis, Service Manager di Arcadia Yachts
Mario De Camillis, Service Manager di Arcadia Yachts

“The Marketing & Communications department will have the task of introducing the ARCADIA philosophy to prospects, sector professionals and potential partners to strengthen and build the brand on all the markets showing a strong interest in our vision of yachting and everything we’ve built up in the recent years. The fact that Francesco Ansalone and Mario del Camillis have now joined our team is a source of huge pride to me because their career backgrounds and committed approach clearly demonstrate the seriousness of the ARCADIA project.”

ECOTHINK - A "green" approach that is there in everything we do, in our everyday life, in our work and in the big decisions we make. A lifestyle that ARCADIA YACHTS has succeeded in transferring to the nautical sector with an idea that marries luxury with aesthetic sensibility, and satisfaction with respect for the environment.
An ecologically-aware thought process that translates into eco-friendly solutions that cut fuel and energy consumption, and reduce environmental impact. So that we can all enjoy the sea in a freer and more responsible way. Because the future of yachting is getting a little greener each and every day.

ECOTECH – The most advanced technological research and the best of Italian creativity focused on providing innovative, effective solutions that constitute a sustainable new frontier for the nautical sector:
> FUNCTIONAL DESIGN that is also highly personal in character and aims to integrate the forms and components necessary to achieving impressive eco-friendly performance levels;

> DOUBLE-GLAZED SOLAR PANELS integrated into superstructures to deliver superb comfort whilst simultaneously recharging batteries and directly powering main onboard systems (excluding Air Conditioning). This is the only way that generator use can be reduced; > THE HYDRODYNAMIC EFFICIENCY of our semi-planing hull which requires only modest engine power, resulting in very low fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance costs.

> A SOPHISTICATED PLANT to treat waste water to prevent pollution;

> THE ARCADIA ASSEMBLING SYSTEM which minimises waste materials from production and paint processes, as well as construction times.

THE YARD – The yard lies in the very heart of the Mediterranean: it is a 36,000 m2 facility in which artisanal workmanship, modern technologies, attention-to-detail and the surrounding environment are all seamlessly integrated.

THE FLEET – A range of fibreglass models spanning 58 to 115 feet, with new designs in that will boost it to 145 feet and beyond.


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