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Amer Yachts: three international nominations

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Permare Amer Yachts Group
Permare Amer Yachts Group

West Liguria shipyard Amer Yachts is in nomination for three important awards:

• During Flibs in Ft. Lauderdale Usa Amer Yachts has been nominated for the prestigious Award of Distinction during the Gala dinner organized by International Superyacht Society. The award nomination has selected for D’aria, Amer 94 Twin. The most awarded model in the shipyard history.

• Nomination for the eco-sustainable initiative at the next Boat builder Awards that will be organized during the Metstrade won last year in the same category by D’aria Amer Twin. This year we are participating in collaboration with Amer Yachts/GS4C /FILAVA for a project about the new enriched basalt fiber for building a new yacht with circular economy , cradle to cradle and building for disassembling guidelines. wards/nominations#retail-marketinginitiative


• The third nomination brings Amer Yachts at Dusseldorf boat show, again for FILAVA revolutionary green project for replacing grp to reduce environment impact. We have called it B- project. The B-project is under votation at the following link and please support us voting us. Our project is : blic_Voting

 Helm station and Filava sample
Helm station and Filava sample

Italian eco design will be exported in China, Barbara Amerio has been invited for the building sector to explain eco design principles during a blue economy dedicated forum in the Xiamen boat show week at the beginning of November. She will be co-Chair during the first day of the event together with Dr. Eric Rolf Hansen, President Economic Transformations Group, Inc., Usa.

Other two events for those Barbara Amerio has been invited on stage as relator are the 8th of November during Festival for the Heart organized in the restored Villa Nobel.

On the 11th in the same location of Villa Nobel there will be the day of Nobel award, a round table with participation of schools for a highlight « territories sustainability development between economy and wellness”.

The same subjects mentioned in the press release are the focus points for the shipyard innovation and research, nowadays and future projects explain better the product plus and a new company way to act. Disappears the concept of working only for obtaining companies’ profits. An ethic and responsible company profile emerges by re-using profits for research and development, in favour of the product, the way of building and in favour of several give back social actions on the local territories. The result is creating a very strong team, motivated and with common strategic goals for the future. An emotional engagement for social project and environmental care. We have obtained an additional appreciation by the clients more sensitive at these themes and proud to buy an innovative product so awarded by technical jury and institutional subjects. The 2020 with be a revealer year of news for Amer Yachts at his 47th anniversary of activity after have celebrate the first 80th years of his founder. In a particular lucky moment for our region Liguria at the first placement in Italy for the major economic impact thanks to the nautical sector incomes.

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