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Amel looks forward to seeing you again after the summer break

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Amel looks forward to seeing you again after the summer break
Amel looks forward to seeing you again after the summer break

Everyone here at the Amel shipyard is busy preparing for the autumn boat shows and can hardly wait for those floodlights to come on. 
After weeks of lockdown production, the shipyard has been back in full swing since April, and applying all the essential health precautions (special clothing, disinfecting tools, preventive measures, social distancing, etc.) to protect its teams and meet its customers’ delivery deadlines. 
The teams show just how adaptable and skilful they are
The shipyard’s 140 employees once again demonstrate their willingness and adaptability. Thanks to their professionalism and impressive skills, the master craftspeople at the AMEL shipyards have yet again rallied to deliver unique yachts to their customers with the highest standards in quality of service and impeccable finishings.
Our passion and common desire to see magnificient sailboats will allow us to maintain a production rate of around twenty units per year and a delivery time of approximately 18 months.


Looking forward to seeing you again 
After forging even stronger links with their customers during lockdown, the AMEL teams are looking forward to meeting sailboat enthusiasts all over again at the autumn boat shows and at sea as trials resume. 
So it’s with great enthusiasm that the AMEL shipyards will be present* at the following boat shows:
- The Cannes Yachting Festival from 8 to 13 September with an AMEL 50 and an AMEL 60
- Grand Pavois from 29 September to 4 October with an AMEL 50
- The Genoa Boat Show from 1 to 6 October with an AMEL 50 
- The Annapolis Boat Show from 8 to 12 October with an AMEL 50  

A lot of AMEL yacht owner sailing programs were put on stand-by with the COVID-19 outbreak. So the AMEL shipyard was thrilled to learn that Barbara and Thierry Courvoisier set sail in early June on Gaia, their new AMEL 50, to complete an extraordinary project combining science, the environment and sailing. 
"The wealth of onboard observations (...) will be our medium for sharing the beauty of the world and the knowledge acquired down through the ages with a wide audience. That’s what the Science et voile avec Gaia [Science and Sailing with Gaia] project aims to do.” 
Last December, Barbara and Thierry Courvoisier took delivery of their sailing vessel Gaia in La Rochelle. The first leg of the journey will take Gaia from France to Newfoundland via Scotland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. During the trip, Barbara and Thierry will observe the world, the sea and the sky, and will share their experience and observations with the general public through a series of talks with scientists on the different topics they encounter. 

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