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Adler Suprema at Croatia Boat Show in Split next april

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Adler Suprema
Adler Suprema

The newly launched full-carbon, hybrid propulsion yacht Suprema flybridge plans to wowthe Adriatic - making her 2017 debut at next Croatia Boat Show in Split (5 to 9 April 2017). Adler Suprema – for her very first time during this 2017 - will be also available for dailymedia sea trials.


Please feel free to book your slo On site – for any media support – Alice Paniccia+39 347 5870171 (also whazup).The 76 feet Suprema from Adler Yacht has been received with widespread praise for itsinnovative design, hybrid propulsion system and advanced technology, created byleaders in the marine, aviation and automotive industries across Europe. This has ensuredthe resulting vessel forges a new path for flybridge yachts within this size range. Swiss brand Adler Yacht, which has close ties to the aviation business, choseto build itsyachts in Monfalcone, near Trieste, on theAdriatic Coast of northern Italy.

This allowsthe company’s yachts to benefit from the renownedItalian craftsmanship and yachtbuilding expertise. When it came to selecting design and engineering teams, Adler Yachtwanted nothing but the best from Italy, Germany and Austria. Nuvolari-Lenard, the highly awarded andrenownedVenice-based superyacht designstudio, provided bothinterior and exterior designfor the Adler Suprema, which isconstructed from carbon fibre, Kevlar® and fibreglass to provide a tough and rigid hullthat is also sporty and efficient. It is the first carbon fibre yacht in its category.

The Suprema’sHybrid Marine Solutions (HMS) propulsion system was developed byGermany and Austria-based TTControl GmbH, Aradex GmbH and Akasol GmbH,which are experienced in the marine and automotive industries.Two years of testing andfour years of development on the hybrid system have resulted in what is probably themost efficient yacht in its class, with up to 50% more efficiency than a conventionalsystem. At a rate of8 knots, with afuel capacity of 5,200 litres, the yacht can provide arange of over 3,500nm. The result is a trailblazing 23.11m flybridge yacht that offers many of the comforts andtechnology one rarely sees on a superyacht, let alone a vessel in this size category. Alessandro Barizzi, CEO of Adler Yacht, commented: “We set the bar very high forourselves with the Suprema, and we feel we have produced many technical aspects of alarger yacht, integrated into a smaller, ‘entry level’ yacht in terms of size. Adler Yacht willcontinue to evolve the design and review everything that we have done, particularly from aechnical standpoint, to push ourselves further. In terms of the yacht’s interior, we really hitthe nail on the head when it comes to the layout, design and materials used.”


Nuvolari Lenard’s eye-catching exterior lines are featured on some of the world’s mostlegendary superyachts. They have lent this vision and talent to the Suprema withcharacteristic flair. Its strong lines and sporty profile also offer alarge amount ofexterior space for a yacht of this length. Adler Suprema has one of thelargest flybridges in its class, emphasising the enjoymentof the outdoor space to those on board. The naval architecture of the Adler Suprema’s hull complements its advanced propulsionsystem, providing excellent performance and efficiency, with anultra-long range andhigh-speed power that can outpace most other yachts. Thediesel-electric HMS systemoffers guests a vibration- and noise-free experience when cruising at slower speeds


The level of detail to which Nuvolari Lenard has considered for the interior design is on apar with that usually seen on a much larger vessel. There isaccommodation forbetween six and ten guests in three or five hi density cabin arrangements, as well astwo live-aboard crew. In the former arrangement, thefull-beam master cabinamidships on the lower deck includes a walk-in wardrobe and en suite bathroom, whiledouble ensuite guest cabins are located to the bow and the stern. On the main deck, a partitioned wheelhouse provides guests in the galley and adjoiningsaloon with total privacy.Opening up the side panels in the main deck’s saloon gives afeeling of space and connection to the outside, whether you are lounging on the sofas orseated at the dining table overlooking the aft deck. Small details will make a large impact for those on board, includingunder-floor heatingon the main deck and lower deck bathrooms.

There is aninfrared heating strip onthe stern cockpit to protect against chilly conditions.Showers on the fly deck andswim platform mean guests can cool or rinse off whenever needed, while chilled cupholders keep drinks refreshing in the summer’s heat.Technology is a key part of the Adler Suprema’s appeal. iPad controls allow an ownerto monitor and change the settings of the yacht’s various systems, even when not onboard. For ultimate discretion,privacy glass provides one-touch transformation ofwindows into opaque glass panels.Thehigh-capacity batteries will last all day, meaning guests can enjoy the full suite offacilities without needing to touch the generator or engines. Drawing on aviation,automotive and marine backgrounds, the team behind the Suprema have placedparamount focus on safety and security. Asophisticatedfire alarm and suppressionsystem, CCTV, and infrared and underwater camerasoffer peace of mind, while Adlerprovides 24-hour phone support to clients. The Adler Suprema is described as asemi-custom yacht because of its fixed technicalplatform. However,a great number of interior layout and decoration choices remainavailable to owners for future new builds, to make a yacht truly their own.


The Suprema’sHMS diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system includes carbonpropellers with twin diesel Caterpillar engines and twin ATE high-efficiency 100kWe-units, which alone can provideup to 60min of silent electric propulsionat 8 knots(with a full recharge taking an hour).Emission- and vibration-free propulsion can beachieved up to 10 knots, but when the situationcalls for speed, the Suprema canprovide a maximum output of up to 28 knots and a high-speed cruising of 22 knots. The variable-speed electric propulsion system can delivery gentle docking manoeuvresthat are silent and easy to handle.“At Adler Yacht, we are working on a number of other projects to grow our product line,including an evolution of the Suprema with more outdoor space and interior adaptations,”said Barizzi. “It is our ethos to bring a yacht owner fully into the build process of everythingbeyond the technical platform and the hull, so they are not just buying a yacht but feel theyare participating in creating it.”

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