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4 Absolute Dealer Meeting: the Absolute team gets together

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Absolute Dealer Meeting
Absolute Dealer Meeting

On 21st and 22nd June 2017, the Absolute shipyard in Podenzano hosts the Dealers Meeting which gathers all the dealers around the world.


An occasion that has become a tradition, a family reunion, since it is the fourth edition. Everything begins in medias res with the presentation of the new Absolute flagship called Navetta 73, the latest model made in Piacenza which is still being finalized for its debut at the upcoming September Boat Shows.

The comparison with other models on the market – thanks to some official data - , comes after a detailed analysis of the new features installed on board.

Last but not least, the presentation of the latest version of the Absolute 52FLY and the latest model of the same range, launched at the beginning of May with the simultaneous live streaming Portopiccolo - Hong-Kong: the 58FLY.

The in-depth meeting is meant to highlight the technical data, but mostly the distinctive features of a shipyard and a family that lives in the whole world. The values shown on the slide during the morning become tangible in the afternoon. On the occasion of the Dealers Meeting, the shipyard is open for a visit to the new departments. The Navetta 73 and the 58FLY are moved outside to allow visits, photos and comments from the Absolute Team. The first Absolute day ends with a Gala Dinner full of Made in Italy flavors, in the evocativeframework of the “Colli Piacentini”.

The following day deals with marketing topics, by focusing on the promotional advertising campaigns’ organization for the upcoming nautical season. Absolute's fourth Dealers Meeting results in two days of comparison, collaboration and coordination aimed at the continuous growth of a solid and compact group that lives a lead role in the global nautical market.

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