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Vaavud launches Ultrasonic Wind Meter

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Vaavud Launches Ultrasonic Wind Meter
Vaavud Launches Ultrasonic Wind Meter

Vaavud,the company that has created two highly acclaimed hand-held wind meters that transforms your smart phone into a high-tech meteorological toolis now ready with their first mountable wind meter.


The new Vaavud device, which is simply called Vaavud ULTRASONIC is a solar-powered, Bluetooth connected, ultrasonic anemometer. It has no wires, is super compact, and weighs only 130 grams, so you can mount it practically anywhere. Installation and set-up is done in a matter of minutes.The 4 ultrasonic transducers register wind flow with very high accuracy and sensibility, and since the device has no moving parts it is extremely durable. A range of onboard sensors along with the GPS in your smartphone/tablet enables the device to compensate for pitch, yawand roll.

This ensure accurate measurements of both apparent and true wind even when sailing in rough sea. The Vaavud ULTRASONIC has a wind range of 0-40 m/s with +/- 0,1 m/s accuracy, and a +/- 1 degree accuracy for wind direction.

The solar panel and built in battery ensures that the device can keep running for up to a month – even in complete darkness. In sleep-mode the battery will last more than one year.To supplement the Vaavud ULTRASONIC the company is developing a dedicated sailing app that will allow you to measure both true and apparent wind and log your sailing trips as well as the wind conditions along the way.

Furthermore, the app will provide high-resolution weather forecasts. The app is free to download and use, and will be available for both iOS and Android devices.“We have received lots of positive user feedback for our two first devices, the hand-held wind meters Mjolnir and Sleipnir. But at the same time many users – and especially sailors – asked for a device that could be mounted remotely and for the ability to measure true wind. We are very excited about launching the Vaavud ULTRASONIC and the new Vaavud Sailing app in response to these requests.

It is a very affordable, yet highperformingalternative to many of the existing on-board systems. And because it requires no wiring or power supply, it opens a wide range of advanced functionalities to smaller keel boats, skiffs dinghies, coaches, race officials etc.”, says Thomas Helms, CEO of VaavudThe Vaavud ULTRASONIC has come to life through a partnership between Vaavud and another marine industry start-up; Calypso Marine Instruments. Calypso developed a Bluetooth connected cupanemometerwhich they started shipping in 2015. Calypso leveraged parts of the technology from their first device to create the ultrasonic wind meter and then partnered with Vaavud for developing the software platform and to leverage Vaavud’s global sales and distribution network

“The Calypso Marine Instruments team is extremely good at hardware engineering and have proven this with their first device, for which they developed a large part of the technology behind the Vaavud ULTRASONIC, so we are very happy about the collaboration. Vaavud can then focus on what we do best, which is building user-friendly software for a fast-growing, global user base”, explains Thomas Helms, CEO of Vaavud

The Vaavud ULTRASONIC is very affordable. It will retail for 499 EUR in Europe and rest of the world and 499 USD in the Americas. Until March 15th it can be pre-ordered with a 20% discount on device will start shipping by the end of March, just in time for the sailing season on the northern hemisphere. From April, it will also be available in a wide range of retail stores through-out the world.

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