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Boot Düsseldorf 2017: MPN Marinas from the sea to the land

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MPN Marinas
MPN Marinas

MPN Marinas, the new Italian marina network, is taking part in the Boot for the first time. It will have its own stand, where it will present the network’s activities and programmes for 2017 together with the highly advantageous offers specifically formulated for German and international boat owners. 


The MPN Marinas network encompasses some of Italy’s finest marinas, located in popular tourism areas, steeped in history and culture and home to excellent food and wine. The MPN network not only aims to offer German boat owners the chance to moor their crafts at the best marinas with excellent services, but also an all-round tourism experience, enabling them to discover Italy and its most authentic traditions. 

The stand H11 pavilion n°14 will host various events open to the trade and international boat owners. These events will focus on presenting the strategic idea behind the MPN marinas network, which sees every marina as a ‘gateway’ to the surrounding area. The marinas on the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian coasts will be presented on two separate events, devoting attention to the typical food and wine to be found inland, which guests will be able to try for themselves during the subsequent buffets featuring wine and typical produce brought specially to the Boot from Italy. The managers of MPN Marinas network will be available to present the activities of the network and the sales proposal for 2017.

You can find below the events calendar at the stand 14H11 of MPN Marinas:

•    Friday 27th January at 4.30 pm – “Aperitivo Adriatic Sea” Presentation of the Adriatic marinas and typicality of their surrounding areas, “Themed Aperitivo” to follow. 
•    Saturday 28th January at 4.30 pm – “Aperitivo Tyrrenian Sea” Presentation of the Tyrrenian marinas and typicality of their surrounding areas, “Themed Aperitivo” to follow.

Furthermore, there will be daily presentations of the MPN Marinas Network and of the benefits offered to boats owner at the Urlaubswelten area at pavilion 13. The opportunities for the yachtsmen to sail and train all year around within the MPN marinas 

network will instead be presented as part of the events at Point of Sailing at pavilion n°14.

Below the days and times of the presentations:

Urlaubswelten – Halle 13

Tuesday– 24th      15.35 hrs
Wednesday –        25th    14.05 hrs
Thursday –           26th    12.30 hrs
Friday –                27th    11.30 hrs
Saturday – 28th    11.00 hrs
Sunday -29th        16.15 hrs

Point of Sailing – Halle 14

Tuesday – 24th    17:00 hrs
Thursday– 26th    15:00 hrs
Saturday - 28th    14:15 hrs
Sunday - 29th      17:00 hrs

MPN Marinas brings together some of the best marinas of the Italian peninsula which from the north to the islands embrace a large part of the Italian territory.

At the present time five ports are part of MPN Marinas:

Marina dei Cesari – Fano: Marche, Urbino and Montefeltro area
Marina Sveva - Montenero di Bisaccia: Molise, Tremiti Islands and the Gargano area
Capo d’Orlando Marina – Capo d’Orlando: Aeolian Islands and Sicily 
Marina di Santa Marinella – Santa Marinella: Roma, and the romantic Ethernal City
Porto di Cecina – Cecina: Firenze, Tuscany and its famous wines 

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