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BWA Yachting announces One Island Park's official opening

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BWA Yachting
BWA Yachting

The new and exclusive deep-water site One Island Park Miami Beach is now officially open and ready to accept bookings.
Designed solely for superyachts to use and capable of accommodating vessels up to 400 ft, the site is located in the heart of Miami Beach (120 MacArthur Causeway, Miami Beach, Florida) within a peaceful and tranquil sculpture park which boasts the city’s stunning skyline as an outstanding backdrop.

As well as being home to reliably warm weather and exceptional beaches, the area has a thriving arts scene. BWA Yachting has designed a superyacht program specifically for the premium art exhibition Art Basel Miami, 1- 4th of December 2016, and still there is a limited amount of the desirable spots available. The superyacht program includes first choice VIP tickets to attend the pre-show and all the exclusive events around Art Basel. 


One Island Park is operated year-round and managed exclusively by BWA Yachting, all on-site berths provide side-to mooring and have a minimum water depth of 12 metres, or 40 feet. All clients and visitors to the site will be offered a full-range of VIP concierge services – ranging from provisioning and clearance to immigration procedures – courtesy of the staff at the new BWA  Yachting office located within the compound.
BWA Yachting, which has a presence across the world in areas including the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, regards the cosmopolitan and culturally diverse Miami as a perfect fit for its world-renowned support and services.

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