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Puerto Rico is next port of call for BWA Yachting

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BWA Yachting
BWA Yachting

The leading provider of marine agency services to superyacht owners and their crews around the world, BWA Yachting, is expanding operations in the Caribbean to include Puerto Rico. This is the latest move by BWA Yachting and adds to their strong presence in the area as they already have offices in Antigua and St Maarten. The move represents the company's second international expansion this year, the first one being into Italy in April 2016.

With the Caribbean well established as one of the favourite destinations for superyachts, and Puerto Rico fast becoming a popular port of call with the cruising community, there are sound commercial reasons for expanding the BWA Yachting brand here. The company’s new office and facilities in Calle Marina are handily placed right next door to the planned superyacht marina in the island capital of San Juan.

Spearheading the operation in Puerto Rico as managing partner for BWA Yachting is Jose Casanova, and as someone with a lot of experience in the nautical and hospitality sectors, he is looking forward to exciting times ahead. Jose also has the added advantage of already knowing Puerto Rico very well and is confident the new venture is a case of being in the right place at the right time. “Historically, Puerto Rico has always been strategically well placed as a gateway to Las Americas, but the island is still a fairly recent discovery for the superyacht fleet. The islanders are well known for their hospitality and sunny outlook and visitors are made to feel especially welcome. It’s the perfect location for cruising and is increasingly popular as a destination for skippers and their crews, so setting up a BWA Yachting office in Puerto Rico was a natural and very exciting opportunity for us,” says Casanova.


As well as cruising the island, visitors can explore the many white sandy beaches, coral reefs, exciting nightlife and diverse culture that makes Puerto Rico so different from its Caribbean neighbours. Now, they will also be able to make use of the wide range of services BWA Yachting offer, while berthed in San Juan.

Welcoming the move, the company’s CEO Stefano Tositti said they were excited about the potential for growth in the area and being able to offer clients the full range of marine services from their base in Puerto Rico. The excellent local knowledge of the island that Jose Casanova has was an additional strength: “We’re well placed to provide immediate services to meet our customers' needs with great local knowledge and resources from one central location, conveniently close to the superyacht marina.”
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