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Adriatic Sea Forum 2017: more than words

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Adriatic Sea Forum 2017
Adriatic Sea Forum 2017

The third edition of Adriatic Sea Forum has gone. More than 200 delegates joined us in Budva for two days of fruitful meetings and debates. Boating, ferry and cruising were at the center of the Forum, where European funds and programs, international private and public collaborations, joint promotion, investments in infrastructure, sustainable development, environmental priorities and much more have been presented and discussed.


But Adriatic Sea Forum, besides offering a chance to provide and to exchange data, info and reflections, it's also where concrete projects for the benefit of Adriatic maritime tourism start from. And we are particularly proud of having given to many private operators and public decision makers the opportunity to meet and discuss new ideas, sign new agreements, launch new investments, which will be "clean energy" for the future of the Adriatic.

Waiting for the next edition of the Forum, we keep working and are always ready to get your comments and suggestions as well as updates about projects and investments on maritime tourism.

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