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Volvo Ocean Race, miles slipping away on fast charge west

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Volvo Ocean Race Leg 4, SHK/Scallywag
Volvo Ocean Race Leg 4, SHK/Scallywag

The long, slow, torturous doldrums is a thing of the past and miles are slipping away under the keel at an impressive pace as the teams enjoy trsde wind sailing conditions.


There's been plenty of dodging and weaving through the islands, islets and atolls of Micronesia, but the net result has been good progress towards the finish line.

SHK/Scallywag continues to lead the charge - with skipper David Witt pushing for a win on his homecoming leg and stretching his lead to 76 miles at 0700 UTC on Monday morning. 

"A couple of days ago we'd lost 50 miles and then we looked at some of the weather files and tried to do something different and over the last day or so it's paid off," said Scallywag's John Fisher.

"For us to get a good result into what is our home port would be everything."

It's far from a done deal, with just under 2,000 miles to run. But in the short term, the conditions will enable fast progress. 

"Champagne sailing conditions as we weave through atolls and reefs," writes Team Brunel's Abby Ehler. "We lost sight of #TTTOP last night as we split course through the islands. Sea temperature is 29degC, breeze at 20kts and we’re downwind sailing!"

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