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Vendée Globe day 35: Lost Weekend

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Armel le Cleac'h Banque Populaire
Armel le Cleac'h Banque Populaire

Day 35, Lost Weekend



Alex Thomson, Armel Le Cléach cross the International Date Line as a second low pressure system blocks their path and provides a strategic choice. Romain Attanasio completes his repairs and is back on race course. Didac Costa crosses the Cape of Good Hope.


For Alex Thomson and Armel Le Cléach'h the leaders of the Vendée Globe, Sunday morning should provide some time to regroup mentally, to snatch some rest, to thoroughly check their boats and to somehow prepare for the next battering.


Their passage of the International Date Line does in theory give them two Sundays in succession – a proper long weekend – but sadly there is no chance of their anticipated short break from a brutally tough sequence of storms being doubled. There will be little time before a second system tests Thomson and Le Cléac'h and their boats, and sets a fork in the road, a choice of options which may have a significant bearing on the time difference between the two at Cape Horn in around 11 days time.

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