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Tuscany welcomes a fleet of vintage vessels for the 12th Viareggio Gathering of historic sailboats

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Vele Storiche Viareggio
Vele Storiche Viareggio


More than 40 vintage and classic boats have registered for the October 13-16, 2016  - 12th Viareggio Gathering of Historical Sailboats, to be held at the piers of the Versilia Nautical Club, the organizer in partnership with AIVE (Associazione Italiana Vele d’Epoca/Italian Vintage Sailboat Association). Among them are the historic and newly restored Gometra (1925), the sloop Mopi (1953), the 8-meter international tonnage Margaret (1926), the Estella ketch (1946) and the Ilda (1946), celebrating their 90 to 70 years in age. Also participating are the one-tonner Ojalá (1973), the Oenone (1935) and the historic Ardi (formerly the Kerkyra II of 1968) on which the hero Admiral Agostino Straulino sailed, the Bufeo Blanco (1963) and the auric cutter Vistona (1937), whose ship-owner Gian Battista Borea d’Olmo will present a book on his vessel’s 80-year history. Main long-time passionate sponsor of the event is the historic Florentine leather company Il Bisonte.


After two years of restoration work undertaken at the Del Carlo shipyard in Viareggio, we will see the launching of the Mariella, a 24-meter historic Bermuda yawl built in 1938 at the Fife shipyard in Scotland and on which the movie Nauta with Luca Ward and Elena di Cioccio of Le Iene fame was filmed.  Vessels launched by the Sangermani shipyard of Lavagna, including the 6-meter S.I. Valentina (1975), the Onfale (1962), the Namib (1966), Bufeo Blanco (1963), Mabelle (1973), will complete for the Sangermani Trophy Challenge.  The Navy is participating with the Stella Polare (1961) and the Sangermani built Artica II (1956), winner of the first Torbay-Lisbon regatta 60 years ago. Dockage for the 50m gaff rigged schooner Orion, built by Camper & Nicholson in 1910, has been generously provided by Perini Navi. Three regattas are scheduled for Friday the 14th through Sunday the 16th of October.  The regatta boats with C.I.M. certified measurements can make an appointment for measurement with Piermaria Giusteschi Conti of AIVE (cell 0039 348-3148532) starting on Tuesday October 11.  On Saturday evening, October 15, the traditional dinner feast for crews will be held at the Del Carlo shipyard (www.cantieredelcarlo) during which there will be a commemoration of owner Francesco Del Carlo who died last year.


Thanks to the collaboration established between the Port of Pisa and the Viareggio Gathering of Historic Sailboats, from October 3 to October 21, 2016 vessels participating in the 12th Viareggio Gathering of Historical Sailboats can moor at the Port of Pisa for the symbolic price of 10 Euro a day.  The Port of Pisa is also offering a 30% discount on transits and a 10% discount on seasonal and annual contracts to Viareggio Gathering of Historical Sailboats members. For more information contact port management at or by phone at +39-050-36142.


This year celebrates the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Club Subacqueo Artiglio, the well-known association dedicated to the mythical divers of Viareggio and their legendary underwater endeavors.  On the occasion of this year’s gathering, the Club is making available its Artiglio, a 16.50 meter motorsailer, to accommodate – for free - up to 15 persons wishing to watch the regattas. All one has to do is show up at the pier after the competing sailboats have set off and ask to board.

PROGRAM FOR THE 12th Viareggio Gathering of Historic Sailboats

Thursday October 13, 2016

Day long arrival of vessels
5 pm: Guided tour of restoration work with refreshments provided by the Rotary Club of Viareggio at the Del Carlo shipyard

Saturday October 15, 2016

11 am: Regattas
5 pm: Presentation of the restoration of the Gometra (1925). Presentation of the books “Vistona 1937-2017” and “Gli Yachts che hanno fatto lo Yachting”. Narration and history of the restoration of Tempo Perso, a small vintage dinghy.
8 pm: Dinner for crews at the Del Carlo shipyard (facing the Gathering’s piers).

Sunday October 10, 2016

10 am: Regattas
4:30 pm: Event presentation at the headquarters of the Versilia Nautical Club and awarding of the Sangermani and Ammiraglio Florindo Cerri Challenge Trophies.


Among the numerous exhibitions and special events for the 12th Viareggio Gathering of Historic Sailboats are:

Welcome Aboard – vessel tours open to the public.
Exhibition of watercolors by painter EMANUELA TENTI of Genoa.
Exhibition of the work of painter SANDRO FERUGLIO of Marina.
Exhibition of nautical themed work by painter SILVIA SERAFINI.
Exhibition of work by boat photographer MARCO TRAINOTTI.
Exhibition of work by photographer GIOVANNI NARDINI, author of the book “The Last Caulkers of Viareggio.”
Exhibition and demonstrations of nautical craftsmanship by Andrea Maggiori, the Ligurian known as “The Knot Man.” He is a member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers (IGKT), the world’s leading knots and tops sector organization.

The Rotary Club of Viareggio will present its ongoing projects, both domestic and international, and highlight its most important one:  End Polio, which in little over 25 years of global Rotary commitment has resulted in the almost total eradication of this disease. 

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