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Mark Mendelblatt and Magnus Liljedahl Top Chart on a Perfect Bacardi Cup Day

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Star Sailor Legue - Bacardi Cup 2017
Star Sailor Legue - Bacardi Cup 2017

MIAMI, FLA. (March 8, 2017) – It’s a perfect day in Miami to sail the third day of the Bacardi Cup and get two races in with steady 14 knots ESE.  RC moved back the start at 11:00 AM and shortened the distance of today’s first race in order to make up Monday’s cancellation.  Today is the last day the Stars will be alone on the bay, as tomorrow the other classes - the J/70, Viper 640, VX One, VX Evo, Flying Tiger and A-Cat classes will begin racing in the 8th BACARDI Miami Sailing Week presented by EFG.


Race 2

Today’s distance was four 1.5 legs for a total of 6 nautical miles. Following a general recall with a black flag start, race 2 began shortly after 11:00 with 69 boats checked in. Misura/Barac (Croatia) took the lead with U.S. Szabo/Natucci in second and Germans Voigt/Stouve in third at the weather mark. All new faces in the top ten of this second race of the week; this is how competitive the regatta is. Szabo/Natucci rounded first the second mark with Misura/Barac second with World Champion Augie Diaz and Bruno Prada in fifth, catching up quickly and rounding the top mark in fourth behind Anosov/Caesar (3rd) Misura/Barac (2nd) and Szabo/Natucci in first. With full breeze back on for the final downwind leg it was smooth sailing for winners George Szabo and Edoardo Natucci. “Following yesterday’s withdrawal we couldn't afford to have another DNF, therefore we wanted to be conservative today.” Said George Szabo. “Our extensive boat repair paid off and we’re very happy of today’s win.” Concludes Szabo.  “We started mid-part of the lane,” added Edoardo Natucci “then went left and had a great downwind leg.  We then jibed on left and on the lay line, this was the key move.”  Marin Misura and Tonco Barac were 2 seconds ahead of Augie Diaz and Bruno Prada. Yesterday winners Rohart/Ponsot finished in 10th, a solid result that allows them to go to the third race leading the overall scoreboard.

Race 3

Race two of the day got underway with the black flag up shortly after 1:00PM for a 5-leg/7.5 miles regatta with 12 knots ESE.  U.S. Macdonald/Von Schwarz enjoyed an early lead followed by French Rohart/Ponsot showing a great upwind speed. Fantastic action in the cone of the top mark with Macdonald/Von Schwarz (USA) in first followed by Voigt/Stouve (GER) and Rohart/Ponsot (FRA).  With another remarkable downwind leg, the French duo took the lead over Macdonald/Von Schwarz and day one runner-up Mendelblatt/Liljedahl.  On a closest race so far, leg 4 began with Rohart/Ponsot in P1 followed by Mendelblatt/Liljedahl and Macdonald/von Schwarz trailing at a very short distance. An exciting three way race to the finish line on this “Big Wednesday”, Mendelblatt/Liljedahl managed to finish first. “Yesterday we made a tactical mistake and Xavier (Rohart) took advantage of the situation, but today the table was turned.” Said Mendelblatt.  “At the bottom mark I made a late call, pressure was on the left and we rounded gate on right.  This is where we made gains and were able to engage the other two teams and take home the win.”


Second place for the young U.S. Buckingham/Sperry team and third the French duo Rohart/Ponsot (FRA) who had another great day on Biscayne Bay maintaining the top of the overall leaderboard in front of Mendelblatt/Liljedahl and Grael/Goncalves (BRA) who have been very consistent.

Racing will resume tomorrow with an 12:00AM EST start with one longer race that you can follow live on with great commentating and analysis thanks to Virtual Eye 3D graphics.

This afternoon, EFG offered a welcome cocktail to the remaining classes at the BACARDI Village hospitality in Regatta Park, followed by BMSW mid-week party where sailors enjoyed great food, exceptional drinks and great music with local favorite band, Havoc 305, who played in front of a 600+ enthusiastic spectators.

Full live streaming of the event is provided on while more information on the BACARDI Miami Sailing Week and the 90th BACARDI Cup are available at and

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