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Today is a rest day at the 2019 O´pen BIC World Championships

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2019 New Year fireworks in Auckland
2019 New Year fireworks in Auckland

Things are not always what they seem to be, especially in sailing, and that was certainly the case here in Manly Bay, Auckland, New Zealand yesterday on day 2 of the 2019 O´pen BIC World Championships.  The young sailors were all fired up for some serious race action, and the wind had seemed to have filled in compared to the light conditions on day 1. But the scheduled start time of 13:00 came and went with the frustrated race committee struggling to set up a course because the wind was shifting around too much. Three races were scheduled for each category, but in the end the late start meant only two more were completed. 


In the U13s, it´s still Australia´s Breanne Wadley out in front, well clear of the bunch, led by New Zealand´s Ted Houry and France´s Tiphaine Rideau. A bad day for Japan´s Saki Nukui, who slipped out of the podium positions into 4th place.

In the U17s it´s still an Italian 1-2-3, with Davide Mulas stretching his lead over compatriots Leopoldo Sirolli and Federica Benvenuto Gostoli, who swapped places in the standings. They are chased by Australia´s Hamish Cowell, looking to battle his way into contention.

Today is a rest day, with all the young sailors, especially first time visitors to this beautiful country, looking forward to enjoying the experience of being among the first people on the planet to go into the New Year.

Then it´s back to the serious business of racing on January 2nd, with just two more competition days to go until we know the identities of the 2019 O´pen BIC World Champions.  

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