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Prosikhin's Nika Dominates the First Day of 2017 Melges 20 World League in Porto Venere

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Melges 20 World League Porto Venere
Melges 20 World League Porto Venere

Prosikhin's 'Nika' Dominates the First Day of 2017 Melges 20 World League in Porto Venere



Porto Venere, Italy (Apr. 7, 2017) - The first day of the third International Melges 20 World League event (the first European appointment) has revealed three, high-quality races, ultimately naming some of the top teams to watch - the absolute stars of success as the season begins. The long Melges 20 World League schedule includes 16 events over three different continents.

Owned by Vladimir Prosikhin, Nika, assisted by tactician, Olympian and former America's Cup sailor Michele Ivaldi, leads the provisional standings with a capital performance. Ending the day with a 6-1-1 scoreline, the three races conducted in Porto Venere were held under a superior 12 knots of breeze.

Seated second overall is Achille Onorato's Mascalzone Latino Jr. with Cameron Appleton on tactics. Onorato proudly won the first race of the day and trails by only two points.

Corrado Agusta's Coimmvest confirmed the far side of each start to place third overall, followed by Australia's Rodney Jones on Cars 167 and Lauro Bonora on Camay in third to complete the provisional top five respectively.

In the Corinthian division, Marina Kaverzina (top 20 overall) on Marussia leads the pack. Andrea Onnis aboard Erix 2 is second, and Germany's Florian Rixner aboard Mojito is third.

2017 Melges 20  World League, European Division counts on the support of Helly Hansen, Toremar, Garmin Marine, Lavazza, Barracuda Communication.

The Melges 20 World League European Division races in Porto Venere are sponsored by the Comune di Porto Venere and organized in collaboration with the Comitato dei Circoli del Golfo, Porto Venere Sviluppo srl and Porto Venere Servizi. 

As with other Melges 20 events around the world, racing updates will be posted online at the Official Melges 20 Facebook Page. Be sure to also follow the fleet on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Tune in for the latest racing information, results, video interviews and photos at

1.) Vladimir Prosikhin, Nika; 6-1-1 = 8
2.) Achille Onorato, Mascalzone Latino Jr.; 1-4-5 = 10
3.) Corrado Agusta, Coimmvest; 3-12-4 = 19
4.) Rodney Jones, Cars 167; 13-2-7 = 22
5.) Lauro Bonora, Camay; 12-8-2 = 22
6.) Vadim Yakhinson, Levithian; 4-11-9 = 24
7.) Kyzysztof Krempec, Mag Tiny; 5-13-8 = 26
8.) Tina Plattner/Tony Norris, TNT; 2-16-10 = 28
9.) Manfredi Vianini Tolomei, Maolca; 11-5-12 = 28
10.) Matteo Marenghi Vaselli, Raya; 10-3-17 = 30

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