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Regatta Euro Cup Medsailing

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Regatta MedSailing - EURO CUP
Regatta MedSailing - EURO CUP

Five races today for the 29ers and three races for the 420s



It was a great day of racing at the MedSailing-Eurocup organized by Club Náutico El Balís. Great sailing conditions, with a Garbí (SW) wind of 8 to 10 kts. and flat water, have allowed the Race Committee to run five races, thanks to a prior change in the sailing instructions. The international fleet of 29ers is competing in two groups for qualifying series, and on Sunday the fleet will be allocated to Gold and Silver groups for the final series.

The Italians Zampiccoli-Chiste (1-1-1-1-3) have dominated the first day, scoring only 4 points, followed closely by the French Revil-Guevel (1-1-6-2-1) who were sailing in the other group and scored just 5 points. The Spanish Costa-Nuñez (5-2-3-1-3), third overall with 14 points, and the local team from El Balís Gelpí-Boquet (4-2-2-7-1), fourth with 18 points, were also sailing in different groups The French Girou-Chauvin are fifth overall and the German  Pietzcker-Frederking are sixth.

María Bover- Nacho Balaguer (RCN Valencia) lead in 420

The 420 fleet has started the MedSailing completing the three races they had scheduled for today, with tight competition at the front. The team from Valencia Bover-Balaguer (2-1-5, 8 points) was the most reliable and went back ashore as leaders, with one point separating them from the Catalan brothers Lucas and Teo Parés (1-5-3, 9 points). Both teams have a small lead over the female Balearic team Laia Akrich and Cata Homar (6-7-1, 14 points), who also distanced themselves from the local team Iset Segura and Irene Hueto (4-4-11, 19 points) and the team from Jávea  Julia Mañinana and Silvia Sebastià (7-8-7, 22 points). With two days and six races ahead, everything points to a close and intense fight for the victory and for the podium places.



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