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Fantastic sailing condition in Porto Venere for the ACT3 of M32 Series Mediterranean

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ACT3 of M32 Series Mediterranean
ACT3 of M32 Series Mediterranean

With the organization of the C.d.V. Erix and "Sailing Series by Bpse", the hospitality of the Portovenere/Le Grazie municipality and the support of the "Coast Guard" of Portovenere and la Spezia (a special thanks to Commander Alberto Bussolino for his support and understanding), the PRO Mattias Dalstrhom (SWE) served to the fleet 24 fantastic races with wind from 8 to 22 knots, in brilliant sunshine and 30 degrees temperature.


Few but important call made from the umpire Priit Ruutel (EST) were well accepted by the competitors.

Flat water, either sailing in the sound or in the bay, has allowed a smooth sailing to the fleet and offered a great show to the people watching.

Due to the unfortunate failure in the first day that occurred to "Vitamina Veloce" , finished third overall, the battle for the victory has become a contest between Italia Sailing team and Section16.

The first was leading after the days with stronger breeze in the sound, but Section16 showed a better speed and overall comfort in the following days in the more light and shifty breeze of the bay that leeds her to a clear victory overall.

The top trhee final ranking has been so defined: 1st) Section16, Richard Davies - 2nd) Italia Sailing Team, Riccardo Simoneschi - 3rd) Vitamina Veloce, Andrea Lacorte.

Richard Davies, the helmsman of Section16 was enthusiastic at the end of the event and ready to compete into the next one that will be held in September 22th-24th, in Genoa during the famous Genoa Boat Show, an event that itself will attract over 130.000 visitors in four days and where the m32 event will be the "sailing Show".

To follow will be, in early october, the 5th act in Trieste, during the Famous Barcolana, the largest sailing event in the mediterranean waters with almost 2000 boats at the starting line! The M32 will be sailing the whole week in front of the "sailing village" with not less than 30.000 people watching every day. Two events with a unique exposure for sponsors and great opportunity for guests.

Something not to be lost for anyone who owns a M32!!

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