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Registrations to participate on the Barcolana, are open

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Registrations to participate on the Barcolana, are open
Registrations to participate on the Barcolana, are open

Trieste, June 29th 2021 - The traditional sound of the bell coming from the headquarters of the Società Velica di Barcola e Grignano, indicates the opening of the registrations to participate in the 53rd edition of the Barcolana presented by Generali, scheduled for October 10th 2021 in Trieste and preceded by ten days of events both on land and at sea.


The largest sailing race in the world is opening up to “new routes” so runs the caption for this edition: “Organizing the event in 2020 despite Covid – claims the chairman of the Società Velica di Barcola e Grignano, Mitja Gialuz – then cancelling the regatta, for the first time in its history due to the Bora, taught us a lot last year: we forged an even stronger bond with our competitors and our public, and this has prepared us for new challenges, to innovate and strengthen the synergy with the area and the institutions. We are witnessing a lot of interest, a strong desire to sail and much anticipation: we are ready to welcome you”.

The Chairman of Assicurazioni Generali, Gabriele Galateri di Genola, commented: "The Barcolana regatta is a celebration of the sea, and the extraordinary participation of sailors and sailing enthusiasts is its symbol. Today more than ever, returning together to the sea, aware or what we are going through and of the importance our individual commitment has for the wellbeing and safety of the community, is a powerful message to convey through the passion for sport, respect for the environment, solidarity, and integration. For Generali, whose ambition is to be a Lifetime Partner, it is a commitment towards its people and the communities in which the Group operates."

The new routes of the Barcolana - represented in Ron Arad’s poster for illycaffè, which is receiving notable success – include a new and exceptional event at sea, which shall be announced over the next few days; while, on land, there will be the Barcolana Sea Summit, an international conference dedicated to the welfare of the Mediterranean Sea, scheduled for October 6th - 9th, in addition to a rich calendar of exhibitions and shows dedicated to culture and food & wine.

The 2021 edition will see a new management of land spaces, including the use of the Porto Vecchio as the location for cultural and artistic events, as well as a new layout along the Rive, which can be better enjoyed by the public, with larger spaces for the stands, and the assurance that Piazza dell’Unità will be the heart of the event.

On the sports front, the regatta route is confirmed and the “open number” guaranteed, with no registration limit. The organizers have anticipated the chance to activate a shortened route that will ensure, after the first leg, the traditional arrival in Piazza dell’Unità in the event of very light wind; whereas, should the event be cancelled due to strong winds, the Autumn Cup will be postponed to the following day, October 11th. The Main media partnership with RAI is already active; the event will continue to invest in digitalisation in order to increase its own public, but it will return at last to being a great touristic drawcard, as well as an image of Trieste and the Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Registration – Online registration starts today: the procedure involves new software created by IKON, our digital partner, which will make signing up easier and quicker. The registrations, unless extended by the Regatta Committee, will end on September 30th. The entire technical procedure will take place online, with the support of the regatta secretariat of Società Velica di Barcola e Grignano which remains, as always, at the disposal of the competitors. Yachtsmen coming from afar will be able to request free mooring from SVBG: the organizers will manage the spaces, but since they are subject to availability, it is important to act fast and register as soon as possible; mooring requests are, in fact, included in the online registration process.

On the other hand, as per tradition, the pick-up of the bow number and gift bag, at the disposal of the competitors, will be held at the SVBG headquarters, from September 30th. “We are opening up our headquarters once more to our yachtsmen – says the chairman Mitja Gialuz – an important moment for SVBG members who work all year round as volunteers for the event. If “new routes” is this year’s motto, then our perennial motto is meeting in the best maritime tradition, and meeting at SVBG is part of this collective ritual”.

The “Limited Edition” Polo for the legendary 1424 Yachtsmen of 2020 – The yachtsmen who, in 2020, registered for the regatta and faced exceptional conditions on land and at sea in order to be there, regardless of the pandemic and the Bora, were 1424 in number: “For these yachtsmen – explains the chairman of SVBG Mitja Gialuz – we have planned a special, unique and in a limited edition, gift. In addition to all the Barcolana material and gadgets, they alone will receive the celebratory “Limited Edition” blue polo with the effigy of the Barcolana in gold. It is a precious gift, which single-handedly tells of the commitment, the love for the sea and our regatta: those who were there in 2020 will always be identifiable, and their passion always celebrated”. The yachtsmen who participated in 2020 and will register in 2021 will find their “Limited Edition” polo in their gift bag.

The M&N Barcolana collection – The new routes of the Barcolana also have a strong bond with tradition. Today the Barcolana presented its technical clothing partner: we are talking about Murphy&Nye, one of the oldest and most prestigious international yachting brands, founded in 1933.

The 2021 edition will see the re-release of the historic partnership between the two brands and of the iconic Barcolana/ Murphy&Nye polo, reinterpreted in contemporary colours, materials and size range. The polo will be presented (or gifted) together with the sailing bag, to all the registered yachtsmen, and the official collection with the event’s trademark will be on sale throughout Italy, starting from July.

In addition to the bag and polo, one can find jackets, waistcoats, sweatshirts, t-shirts and caps, in all sizes, for men, women and kids. The colour of the 2021 polo is pearl grey, with the classic double-line around the neckline and sleeves, in neon fuchsia. The distribution will occur through the usual channels, with particular reference to nautical shops in harbours and marinas, the Barcolana’s e-commerce website, and via an innovative online platform which will also permit many personalization options for the clothing items.

Sailing together for the welfare of the sea – A special guest participated remotely in today’s press conference of the Barcolana. Alex Bellini, explorer and speaker, joined us from his raft, on which he is navigating the river Po in order to testify to its condition and raise awareness of the importance of preserving rivers in order to save the seas: Alex has recently become a member of the SVBG, sharing the values of the Barcolana and the Barcolana Sea Summit, and will be present at the event.

Registrations to participate on the Barcolana, are open
Registrations to participate on the Barcolana, are open

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