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Registration has opened for the XIV gathering in Viareggio

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Registration has opened for the XIV gathering in Viareggio
Registration has opened for the XIV gathering in Viareggio

It is time for the 14th consecutive Viareggio Gathering of Historic Sailboats – since 2005 the most important end-of-season Mediterranean regatta and gathering of vintage and classic sailboats. The event’s main sponsor is the historic Santa Maria Novella Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica. A small fleet of 5.50-meter international tonnage class boats will be participating.



On October 18-21, 2018 for the 14th year in a row, the Tuscan city of Viareggio will host the most important and best attended end-of-season gathering and regatta for vintage, classic, and Spirit of Tradition sailboats as well as vessels that adhere to traditional and historical criteria. The event is organized the Viareggio Historic Sailboat Association ( , founded in 2005, and by the Versilia Nautical Club, which –as it has done every year – will make available its prestigious headquarters and provide for moorings and welcome venues. AIVE (Italian Vintage Boats Association) is in charge of vessel tonnage measurement and classification for anyone wishing to race with a CIM (International Mediterranean Committee) tonnage certificate.
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The main sponsor of the event, the Santa Maria Novella Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica of Florence (, whose origins date back to 1612, will support the XIV Viareggio Gathering of Historic Sailboats in partnership with the reborn San Carlo water (, recently acquired by the same business group. Other supporters include Antonio Farigu’s Mediterranean Yacht Maintenance, that specializes in maxi yacht and historic boat motorization and installations; Picchiani & Barlacchi (high end metal objects); the sailmaker Millenium; Locman watchmakers, RGB Cube from Viareggio (advertising graphics) and the Versilia Viareggio Rotary Club, that will award the Challenge Trophy dedicated to Admiral Florindo Cerri. For the fourth consecutive year the Sangermani Challenge Trophy, open to all vessels launched by the Sangermani shipyards and participating in the event, will also be awarded.


Ship owners who register for the XIV Viareggio Gathering of Historic Sailboats and wish to race with a CIM (International Mediterranean Committee) tonnage certificate, but do not possess it, can seek one for their vessel by making an appointment for measurement with AIVE’s President Piermaria Giusteschi Conti (cell phone +39-348-3148532).  Participation in the event is also open to vintage and classic sailboats that do not have a CIM certificate, as well as to sailboats not affiliated with the Viareggio Historic Sailboat Association and other sailboats wishing to simply sail or compete against individual vessels. Three regattas are scheduled to take place from Friday through Sunday. On the afternoon of the last day there will be an award ceremony at the Versilia Nautical Club. 


Once again, Viareggio is looking forward to the participation of a small fleet of 5.50-meter international tonnage class boats. Created officially in 1949, this class of boats raced in the Olympics for 5 times, beginning in Helsinki in 1952 and for the last time in Mexico City in 1968. These 9.50-meter long keelboats have Bermuda Sloop rigging and sail with a crew of 3 in regattas.  An estimated 800 were built. Nowadays they are subdivided into the following categories: Classic, Evolution and Modern.  The 5.50-meters have been sailed by greats such as Dario Salata, Max Oberti, Giulio Cesare Carcano, Admiral Agostino Straulino and Beppe Croce. Among the 5.50s celebrating the 50th anniversary of their launch is the Tara and the frequently victorious Carabella. The current president of the Italy class is Count Fabrizio Cavazza of Rome who is the owner of the 1960 Volpina. 


As always there will be many activities, both before and after the regattas. There will maritime technique demonstrations, viewings of vintage vessels on the quays and visits to berthed ones, as well as tours of the boats participating in the “Welcome Onboard” events. In addition, there will be exhibits of watercolors and photographs of historic regattas. On the afternoon of Friday, October 19th, crew members can visit the restoration work being done on historic sailboats at the Francesco Del Carlo Shipyard in Viareggio. Go to the AIVE website to apply to be a crew member and participate in the regattas or to go onboard the Artiglio Scuba Diving Club’s motorsailer to watch the competitions up close.

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