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Raffaele Chiulli unanimously elected Gaisf President

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Raffaele Chiulli elected president of the organisation
Raffaele Chiulli elected president of the organisation

10 May 2019 - Gold Coast, Australia: The Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) General Assembly (GA) today unanimously elected Raffaele Chiulli as president of the organisation which assembles 115 International Sports Federations. Dr. Chiulli has served as GAISF Vice-President since 2015 and Senior Vice-President since 2016. His term as president begins immediately and he will serve a two-year mandate, as outlined in the GAISF statutes. Ahead of the election, Dr Chiulli laid out his work programme for the future of GAISF. His plans include supporting International Federations in their promotion of youth development programmes and social responsibility initiatives, as well as strengthening the role of GAISF as a services-based organisation.


In his programme Dr. Chiulli said that he wanted to ensure GAISF was a forwardthinking organisation with a focus on good governance. “Whilst I am loyal to the traditions, values and principles of GAISF, I also believe that we must be a modern and forward-thinking organisation,” Chiulli said. “I believe GAISF can and should be a driving force in supporting International Federations to achieve their goals.” Dr Chiulli was due to stand for election at the 2020 General Assembly. However, following the passing of Patrick Baumann in 2018, GAISF Members accepted the Council’s proposal to bring forward the presidential rotation by a year.

President Chiulli’s term is therefore due to end at the General Assembly in 2021. The new GAISF President has a wealth of experience in sports administration, having served as the Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations (ARISF) President since 2013, and International Powerboating Federation (UIM) President since 2007. He has also been a member of the IOC Sport and Active Society Commission since 2014. 

Raffaele Chiulli elected president of the organisation
Raffaele Chiulli elected president of the organisation

“I am proud to have been elected as President of GAISF,” President Chiulli said. “It is a great privilege and honour to serve GAISF’s 125 Members, Associate Members and observers, and to represent, promote and protect their common interests. Our actions should reflect this mission with integrity and transparency, and I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing what we can do together.”

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