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UIM Gala Awards Ceremony: AISTS wins 2017 UIM Environmental Award

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UIM Gala Awards Ceremony
UIM Gala Awards Ceremony



- Special Mentions for H2O Racing and SEAir At UIM Gala Awards Ceremony -

MONACO: Switzerland's International Academy of Sports Science and Technology (AISTS) has won the 2017 Union International Motonautique (UIM) Environmental Award for developing an inventory of trends and case studies aimed at determining the sustainability of international sporting federations.

The result was announced at the ninth Union International Motonautique (UIM) World Champions Awards Giving Gala, staged at the iconic Sporting Monte-Carlo, Monaco on March 17 and sponsored by BUND Holding Group, H2O Racing and UNICEF. As well as announcing that AISTS had won the main trophy, the UIM also credited Special Mentions for “Greening the Sport” and for “Environmental Benefit” to H2O Racing and SEAir respectively.

First launched in 2009, the UIM Environmental Award was created to inspire and recognise excellence in innovation, development and application of environmentally friendly practices and technologies.

"The presentation of the Environmental Award and Special Mentions is one of the highlights of the UIM Awards Giving Ceremony and Gala Dinner," said UIM President Dr Chiulli. "We are delighted to recognise the work of AISTS in this way and feel the efforts of both H2O Racing and SEAir should also receive special recognition for a commitment to sustainability and the development of technology."


The International Academy of Sports Science & Technology (AISTS) - International Federations Sustainability Inventory

The AISTS (the International Academy of Sports Science & Technology) has developed an inventory of trends and case studies from international sporting federations.

In 2017 it surveyed all IOC-recognised Federations to obtain insights into their sustainability-related initiatives, trends and needs.

These Federations represent 37 sports practiced by 1.2 billion people worldwide, including international governing bodies for aero sports (FAI), auto sports (FIA), powerboating (UIM) and motorcycling (FIM), cricket (ICC), squash (World Squash) and water skiing and wakeboarding (IWWF). Previous editions have included FIFA (football), IAAF (athletics) and FIBA (basketball).

The inventory has given objective insights into the challenges of IFs when implementing sustainability programmes; identified good practices; and allowed the development of a platform of connections between representatives of the IFs and the wider sports industry.

Results have been shared with the IOC and GAISF to support their respective internal discussions on how to best support international federations on their sustainability efforts. The inventory has collected almost 150 different initiatives although it aims to collect more case studies in the future and better utilise the created platform of connections by facilitating knowledge exchange between different parts of the industry.

SPECIAL MENTION for “Greening the Sport”

H2O Racing – Powerboating Goes Green

H2O Racing is on board with the UIM vision on environment responsibility and for 2018 will help every participant in the World Championships offset the emissions of their racing activity, including aspects such as training and transportation.

The project can quantify the environmental benefits as every step of the offset is traced and corresponds to international or Olympic standards. Additionally, the decision to use 'Treedom' as a preferential partner helps make the UIM-H2O initiative extremely transparent and easy to communicate.

It also has a great social and economic impact as the projects sustained are in locations where tree plantation has an impact on local farmers and rural communities helping men and women feed the local communities, while helping save the planet.

Continuing with this initiative will result in a real pillar and project of pride to be kept for the years ahead. It is also hoped this project will open the doors for many other powerboat stake holders to start their own forest on 'Treedom" as well as encourage powerboating fans to emulate their heroes and try to offset their everyday emissions in a fun and simple way.

SPECIAL MENTION for “Environmental Benefit”

SEAir – SEAir Flying RIB

SEAir created a world first in 2017 by making a Rigid Inflatable Boat fly thanks to hydrofoils. The project consisted of implementing hydrofoils, which are retractable and steered automatically, on a standard Zodiac Pro 5.5 RIB.

Like many others, SEAir noticed great performance gains achieved on sailing boats thanks to hydrofoils and were convinced they could create similar improvements for motor boats.

Sustainability is one of the main achievement of this prototype with the technology reducing fuel consumption by 20-30 per cent at cruising speed on this model with an eye to improving this further. These developments were acknowledged by the French Ministry of Ecology, which awarded SEAir the "Green Tech Start Up Label", while the French Nautical Industry Federation also rewarded SEAir (the 2016 "Prix de la Haute Technology") and nominated the company for the "Nautic Innovation Award".

In the short term, this innovation will benefit all types of boat users with the technology being adaptable, leading to improved performances and comfort on boats from tenders to super yachts or merchant ships. On a longer- term perspective, the objective is to partner with other innovative organisations to accelerate the transition toward renewable energy boating.

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