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International Federations gather for a "Sustainable Agenda”

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11th International Federations Forum in Lausanne
11th International Federations Forum in Lausanne

The 11th IF Forum organized by the SportAccord Convention assembled the leaders of over 100 International Sport Federations (IFs) in the Olympic Capital, Lausanne, Switzerland to discuss the ways towards a sustainable practice of sport.


The Forum also marked the first public appearance of the SportAccord Organization under its newly adopted old name ‘GAISF’ under which it was known until 2009. The centre piece of the opening was the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), between International Olympic Committee (IOC) and GAISF, executed by IOC President Thomas Bach and GAISF President Patrick Baumann, reflecting the unity of vision and purpose between the two organisations.

The close cooperation between GAISF and the IOC is increasingly important in a changing international sports landscape and emphasises the IOC’s continued commitment to the International Federation Family as highlighted in the Olympic Agenda 2020. The MoU covers membership criteria, services to members and multi-sport games, and it is designed to serve as a framework for roles and responsibilities, eliminating duplication among GAISF stakeholders and the Olympic Movement.

IOC President Thomas Bach said: “This is a milestone in our partnership with GAISF and the International Federations. The MoU cerates the foundation for a close, efficient and successful cooperation between GAISF and the IOC and it will facilitate the work of the IFs across sports.”

GAISF President Patrick Baumann equally welcomed the MoU as a significant step forward. “The relationship between International Federations and the International Olympic Committee is pivotal to the future of sport,” he said. “We are one family, share the same vision, promote the same values and stand shoulder-to-shoulder on the major issues facing sport today".

The three day event offered a diversity of workshops, panel sessions and case studies with a focus on sustainability practices adopted by International Sport Federations. The presentations were split into five main clusters focusing on “Infrastructure and Natural Sites”, “Sourcing and Secure Management”, “Mobility”, “Workforce” and “Climate Change”.

The UIM had been invited to join the discussion on Climate Change specific sustainable development and gave an insight in its initiatives in the field of Solar & Electric boating events. UIM Secretary General, Thomas Kurth called for all International Federations to join the annual International Motorsport & Environment Workshop which had been organized by the UIM for the first time in July 2017 at the Yacht Club de Monaco, in presence of multi-stakeholder representatives from the four International Motorsport Federations FIA, FIM, FAI and UIM, the renewable-energy industry, Design Studios and Academia.

In the Closing Remarks of the Forum, Raffaele Chiulli, President of ARISF and UIM, and GAISF Vice President underlined that “IFs are uniquely placed to promote the conservation on biodiversity and sustainability in sport. It is imperative that we take a leading role in spreading our message and encouraging all our stakeholders to also do more.”

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